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@Memory of Talon and @True_Blue (anyone else interested, new or otherwise):

Here are several links to get an idea of some of the many games out there; most require only short responses, and all facilitate making friends; also, at the bottom of the page--before posting, look... you will see other games. Check the dates to see when someone last posted so you can start with the most recent; I subscribe to these, and more:

OK, lots of variety there. I started the last thread, and I've had some wonderful support to get it going.

Some of us work hard, are very serious, so the games ease tensions, connect us to those of our own and other types, and generally help us stay or become more balanced.

If anyone sees a newbie in here who seems confused about how to jump in, bump this list?

There are so many people who would enjoy and help others enjoy this forum, if they got a hand up. ✍(◔◡◔)
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