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I've finally made the leap to post something after looking through hundreds of threads for weeks! So, hi guys. I'm Erin, I'm 27, and I'm currently living around Atlanta, Georgia. I just recently started my love for MBTI after feeling my personality type wasn't right.

The first time I took a test I got INFJ. I didn't know anything about MBTI at that point, and the (bad) description made INFJs sound like unicorns, and I thought...this can't be me. So fast forward a little bit and I settled for ISFP, because I felt it was the description that fit me closest - I'm an introverted creative type. I had my mom (ISFJ) read the description for ISFPs and she questioned it right off the bat...I guess she knew more about me than I did. But it didn't seem right to me also, so hence I began to research MBTI and learned about the cognitive functions.

For the past few weeks I've been obsessive about learning everything, making absolute sure of the functions I use most. And as much as I believe a personality type doesn't define me, I needed answers! I needed to know for sure. It feels good to have concluded that I really am an INFJ...I've always felt so different from my friends and family in the way I see things. It explained so much.

Just recently I married a South African ISTJ - last year I spent nearly six months in the beautiful country. It was a big learning experience for me. I love writing, reading, traveling, photography, learning about cultures, Photoshop, and did I mention writing? :)

See you around!

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