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Hi guys!

Fionn Whitehead stars in Nolan´s "Dunkirk" as the lead. He´s a newcomer and not too well media trained, so his reactions seem pretty genuine and I think I got his type just from watching the interviews.

I was intrigued by how out of place he seemed around his SP costars, he just gave off NT vibes. His demeanor lacked Fe, I mean he looks like he doesn´t know how to smile, and I hesitated a little between ENTJ and INTJ. I´m more biased towards ENTJ because of the way he approaches the sentimental value of the film, using Fi in the way I would, which is hard to describe so I´ll just call it honest but clumsy.

As for his enneagram type, I´m reading 8 from his face. I mean, he looks super grounded in a 8 sp kind of way, and obviously has a so blindspot, so perhaps 8 sp/sx. I actually noticed his stacking first, doesn´t he just give off that insular feeling?

I´m a sucker for tritype and just going by appearances, I´m set on 853. This would make him my type-clone :laughing: so I hope he´s that.

What do you think?
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