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I ruthlessly hijacked this from the NT forum. So what animals/mythical creatures do you think properly represents each of the NFs? Here's my take:

Badger-Known for protecting their young at all costs. Very capable of being social and can fend for themselves just as well. Can fight off much larger animals such as wolves and bears and not care about their safety while doing it. Anything to protect. In literature, they are often good and wise friends :kitteh:.

Beluga-Highly social and vocal. Very intelligent with an extraordinarily large brain and also very playful and cute. Not quite like the other whales, considering they can turn their necks and swim backwards. Something like a lovely cross between a dolphin and the enigmatic narwhal (only other creature in it's family, which more or less makes the beluga the cousin of an aquatic unicorn) :crazy:.

Humpback Whale-Solitary. Can handle small groups at the most but eventually needs to break away. A traveler and a rare breed. A kind creature who is mythological, and metaphorical and can be found in almost any ocean around the world. It's presence attracts. Practices estoeric forms of communication :proud:.

Manatee-Slow moving, always gentle, and unassuming. Mystical and enigmatic nonetheless (y'all are merpeople don'tchaknow). Always seeking for a new place. Intelligent creatures with learning abilities similar to whales and dolphins. Society has been a complete a$$hole to them :sad:.

Have fun with this! Yes I know threads like these are in sub-forums somewhere.
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