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Constance from American Horror Story was ENFJ
The show 'Misfits' has a lot of INFx villains! The milk guy in particular is INFJ. And the shape shifting girl is INFP
Kathy Bates' character in Misery seemed INFJ
Haha I loved her, but she was a bitch. Regina/the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time is an ENFJ, but she's not much of a villain now as she was in the earlier seasons!

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NF villains are fascinating to me. :) (And xNFJ villains are really, really scary.) Here's the ones that I'm certain about (I can elaborate on any of them & explain why I typed them this way). I think that many people limit themselves to typing only with preferences, and without taking type dynamics into account. (This would be the official MBTI way (phrase) of referring to cognitive functions, lol.) So I try to look at preferences, cognitive functions, temperament, etc, when typing. (I think they're all useful ways to understand the theory & they help me to be certain of my typings if I consider all of those tools. Taking cognitive functions into account is what I find helps me explain possible inconsistencies in people's preferences/thoughts/behaviors, etc.) So anyway, back on topic...

- Loki (from Thor / The Avengers / Thor 2)
- Tom Riddle / Voldemort (from the Harry Potter series)
- Peter Pan (from Once Upon a Time)
- V (from V for Vendetta) (though more of an anti-hero than a "villain")

- Hans (from Frozen)
- Palpatine (from the Star Wars series)
- Ursula (from The Little Mermaid) - though an argument could possibly be made for ESTP
- Regina (from Once Upon a Time) (she's a tragic case - I may eventually change my mind on her type, especially if I hear persuasive argument/discussion otherwise, but she's not ENTJ, like most people try to type her).

For xNFPs, it seems like if they are a 'villain,' it's a result of misunderstanding, or they're extremely 'burned' by life experiences. This isn't always the case, but it's a pretty common thread. I really don't have any examples of pure xNFP villains. The only ones I've come across have not really been villains at all, but can seem that way to those around them.

- Elphaba (let me be clear - she's not a 'villain,' but is seen as one by many of those around her)
- Grumpy (from Once Upon a Time - again, not a villain, but a great example of a 'burned' INFP. His evolution from "Dreamy" to "Grumpy" shows this, and occasionally he still shows sparks of that original 'dreamy' nature.)
- Frodo-taken-over-by-ring (from Lord of the Rings)
- Hamlet (not a villain, but certainly a 'dark' character - certainly he becomes a villain to himself.)

None that I can think of (unless Jar-Jar counts as a villain...) ;)
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