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NFs Greatest Personality Grudge Matches

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As one goes through life, they continually see differing MBTI types clash. These people may clash over not having enough individuality or freedom (SP), their enemies being too simple-minded (SJ) or because they can be too controlling or aggressive (ENTJ/ESTJ).

To see something is one thing, but to understand it is another thing. Therefore, I'm conducting an experiment of sorts with my multiple threads on the 4 main MBTI types forum to see which types get under their skin and annoy them. I would condense them all into one thread on the Myers Briggs forum, but to have to read through all those different messages from multiple personality types would be an organizational nightmare! :crying:

Now, without further ado, NFs, what MBTI types do you get in grudge matches with and why?
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ESFP's, just about any S, INFP's, and ENFP's. We just don't get along because they don't have the brains to comprehend me (S's), and the N's I offend think I'm heartless+/ freakish. They need to toughen up. I normally don't hide stuff to sugarcoat the truth and I see doing that as a disservice to people who are going to be weaker for when the crucial time comes. It's just the way I am and I don't really compromise my personality.

I also fight with people who are so self-assured as to be arrogant and believe in their own inevitable correctness. I don't like personality disorders either because those people are frightening and saddening; not a healthy combination.
ENTJ's with narcissistic personality disorder
ESFP/J's with covert aggressive personality disorder
ESTJ's with control-freak personality disorder
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In some of the relationship threads I see a lot of NF's calling ESTJ's shallow and stuff. I don't hold it against them though, that's just the way they are. Why pretend you're something you're not.

ESFJ's can get under my skin a little in real life, ENFJ's a little too. Nothing too major though. Someone needs to start a fight with me on this forum so I'd have more to post about.
INTJs who think too much of themselves.
INFPs who sacrifice their backbone for acceptance.
Arrogant & insensitive NT's....some of my my closest friends are NTs but some of my least favorite people seem to often be NTs as well. Arrogance and insensitivity are my biggest pet peeves and unhealthy NTs seem to be prone to this behavior.
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I couldn't really have a grudge agains a whole type...I have some grudges with certain people, mostly with Ss and Ts. With Ss because they really bug me with their attention to details and how they have difficulty at times seeing the big picture and get stuck on a few unimportant things, with Ts because they can sometime say cold insensitive things, even if it doesn't mean they are mean for saying just means that's their opinion. I have many important people around me which are not nFs, my mom is ESFJ, my sister is ESFP, my best friend is ISTJ...although I hate some things about them sometimes, the love they give me is more important for me and means much more than this "grudges" and personality issues. I learned to speak their language and see how they show me love in their own way.:happy:
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The most I dislike ESFJs. At times we get along very well but they also seem to be the type which makes me react most strongly in conflict situations.

If I disagree with an ESTJ this happens:
"Well... whatever."
If I disagree with an ESFJ:
"But you're WROOOOOONG! You're so narrow minded and shallow. Stop manipulating and controlling other people! You can't seriously think you can do that. And don't try to play any games with me. I see right through you!"

I guess anyone with Fe makes me feel a little bit like that but so far ESFJs are the only ones who have made me so angry that I've just exploded on their face.
In answer to your question:
  • xSTJs - they really get under my skin, they're controlling and self-absorbed, especially ESTJ, just ARGH is all I can think. They cannot open up their minds and don't think deeply enough about things..and my oh my they cannot appreciate things which are strange to them.
  • ENTJ - sorry but you guys love arguing too much.
Other types who aren't a problem:
  • SPs - cute, fun and impulsive, I have no problems with them, my twin sister is ISFP so I'm totally used to their behaviour.
  • INTx and ENTPs - they're okay in small doses, generally interesting to talk to, but I find their insensitivity grating after a while.
  • I love fellow NFs ofc :crazy:. Unhealthy INFPs can be too selfish and childish at times.
  • Don't have too many problems with xSFJs, they're a bit set in their ways, but I find that they are compassionate and always willing to help others.
ESTJ, like people have said earlier their need to control things and inability to take people's feelings into account upsets me.

ESTP, this is what my brother is, he just does things because he feels like it, is utterly irresponsible and spouts opinions left right and centre!
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