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I would like to share some ideas about dealing with stress.
Being an NF, who are known for sensitivity in its extreme form. As well as being Introverted, pensive type, perhaps I have insights which could benifit a wide range of types, concerning stress, and ways possible to deal with it, that maybe never occured to you. As well, if you have some ideas to share, it could be a growth experience that all can learn, and acquire new skills.

I guess that being perhaps more "self" aware than other types. This means with years of self inspection, and contemplative reflection, I have not fallen into the trap of doing the same mistake over and over again, as I have seen others, less "aware" doing, against all rational and logic. Such is when lacking introspection.
So, without trying to appear as bragging. I do not find my situation to be similar to other types, (and I guess, by this it gives me the NF satisfaction of 'uniqueness').

Noxious situations which everybody has gone through at some time in their lives, being yelled at, disapproval of an entire class against one child, public humiliations, and cruel beatings, and other common experiences of the more exotic types, and of the more mundane. All these have given me the wide repetoire to deal with stress, that perhaps is unequaled.

As an NF, truth be told. Despite the wide variety of dysfunctional behaviors now at my disposal, many of them are actually a variation of just pure, and just as unproductive as any of its adulterated derivitives, of escapism, chronic avoidance, bordering on catatonic reality diffractionalisation of a minor severity.

Which, just to remind you before trying this strategy yourselves, has almost no value to improve ones life situation, nor is it in any way, even a marginal solution even for any of the simpler problems. But, as the NFs will apreciate, at least the value of having a large range of options to chose from!

1) A technique I perfected in situations of being yelled at, or it is also effective for midddle-range humiliation before a group bigger than 9, but less than 100. Is to at first ignore it. If it continues, then to begin low level public desplays of discomfort, in the hopes that the person did not realize that he might be dealing with an over-sensative individual. Some people will not realize (despite that I took drama), and we have already gotten into the 21-25 minutes of humiliation, which at that point is sufficient proof, that it will not soon stop. I know this not only from experience, but everybody knows that an Introvert loses energy around 20 minutes in such a public gathering, so he must be an Extravert, and you could reasonably expect that he will now become energized by more social interaction.
Of course, some readers will have a tendency, to blame the victom. If I were not getting some "payback" from this, like some sort of appreciation, then why didn't I leave?
And, only the Fi-dom will understand ... and embaress him in the middle of his speech?!!?
By this final stage, as your personality waivers as a quivering maple leaf in the wind before the spike enters the tree and drains the sap, so too ones personality rustling before it rejects the physical body and goes on a temporary leave of absence. This is the last stop. To concentrate all of your efforts to hope he will be striken by an overwhelming remorse, so you could be vindicated in public and not have to worry that at Wal-mart the children who saw you, will point at you and laugh.

2) Another technique, although it is not my favorite, however, it is equally a waste of time.
When being asked a question that you find too personal, but the questioner thinks he deserves an answer. Just as an example,"Did you cut wind?!", lets say this time you didn't. When I was younger, I would say no, and I would get stuck, not having adequate proof. Later I would indignantly ask what is it his business. Recently I started to use the best answer yet, which compared to my previuos, was not really better, but afterwards I have found that observers to the interactions, did not ask me with this method, "why don't I behave more assertively", which innevitably brought me directly from one loser situation to be followed by another which I could not defend my transluscient position. The new answer is, "What?" as if I did not hear.
Uhmm, it isn't winning not having the second embaressment, because every time they do ask the embaressing question again!
Okey, you can pick which two you would like to suffer.

3) The coolest of all is to joke. Great! Everybody loves to laugh! When down, you can be happy, and the world laughs with you!
What about doing something practical to really alleviate the problems in a practical and effective way? Who cares! Laughter is the closest natural synthetic version of happiness you could possibly find!
When you make a terrific joke that will kill the world with happiness ... and people look at you, half insulted half with disgust, the depression it brings in its wake is THE fastest I ever felt.
When I feel a depression coming, I know I have at least half a day to organize my affairs before the chocholate binge takes hold (that is another good method, also very dysfunctional, but an excuse most people are willing to accept for your strange behavior). A joke that people increase their hatred, is an instant depression. I already know to do my stopwatch, so that one day maybe humanity will benifit from what might otherwise be useless data.
My innovation on this, is passive-aggressive humor; jokes which are intentionally not entirely funny. This gives me the freedom of not getting laughs - which gives me one point. If they do laugh, I get one point. No matter what, I've finally constructed a mental model were I can win most times!
Some might point out, that this is really just another form of avoidance. Exactly, one point for me!

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I am so sensitive it sucks. My only method for coping with all you have said is pretty much avoidance. I stand there and take it as neutral as I can in the hope that they will stop. I will possibly nod or somewhat agree to prevent further fuel to the fire. I deal with my battered feelings when it is over. I find reciprocating the confrontation sucks the life out of me therefore the best option for me is to just take it and deal with it myself. I guess you could say I'm a pushover!
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