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If you have a favorite team or a few favorite players, I can try my hand. I wouldn't know where to begin otherwise.

I tried to type my own favorite team once (Rangers). I'd post it except I'm not sure any of them would be notable except for the couple stars. I had Henrik Lundqvist INTP, Marian Gaborik INFP, Brad Richards ENFJ, Sean Avery ISFP, to name a few.

Theoretically, I assume Si doms would make decent defenders in some respects. A lot of goalies seem to be Ne doms by my count (Bryzgalov is a clear ENTP, Hasek was also likely an Ne type though perhaps not dominant).

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My favourite team is Pittsburgh, even though they lost the last two games to the flyers :(
I tried to type some of them when I watched 24/7 Pens vs. Caps but I didn't have much luck.

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huuhah, lets begin with that i am intj.

So lets begin with ESTJs - Alex Ovechkin is definetly estj. i have in my team one estj too. Playing with him is somewhat hard and easy at the same time. In general they seem to play strong and scareless game, trying to get open a lot and get scoring chances, do the dirty work etc. What baffles me a little bit is that, sometimes they make their openness too obvious. I like to pass and be a playmaker, but if the pass seems too obvious i dont like to pass because i know that everybody are ready for that. Other ESTJ - Leo Komarov, Connor McDavid, Peter Forsberg

ISTJ - Zdeno Chara is definetly istj. Mikko Koivu i think aswell, Johan Franzen

I have one in my team too, we play usually the same line. We understand the game pretty much the same way. I would say that it is easy for me to play with him. There is usually no yelling or pointless teaching on the bench and stuff what i think we both see as pointless thing to do. we know that we are giving our best and thatś the most important.

ESTP - Brett Hull, Phil Kessel

It seems like scoring means everything for the ESTPs. They are all blessed with excellent scoring sense.Good on one timers and getting open to shoot and they are usually the first to get the rebounds aswell and put pressure at the front of the goal. Very offensive and as much as i have seen not so good on defence.

ISTP - Toews, Kane, Tarasenko,

Pretty much like ESTPś but a little bit more all-around player in a sense of that they work back to defence and use maybe a little bit more strategy to score. My current coach is an ISTP. He asks for simplicity and wants me to shoot when i am in scoring area, sometimes it irritates me a little bit when i think that the chance is not good enough.

ENTJ - i dont know any from the NHL, but there is one playing in my hometown, He is big and strong, very dominating and a little bit of a di*k against everyone :D

INTJ - Pavel Datsyuk, Erik Karlsson. We INTJ's put very high stake on defence and strategy. Our way to be offensive is to be offensive through defence. We do a lot of backchecking and work back a lot. In my team i usually play in center or in defence. I have quite horrible scoring sense and so does datsyuk and karlsson seem to have :D. I still do score but i really have to play those holes for myself and i am much better at getting defenders focus on me and then pass the puck to someone else who usually gets very good scoring opportunity.

ENTP - Crosby, Malkin, Benn, Lemieux, Jagr

ENTPś seem to be well presented at NHL. Very powerful players. I dont know is it just me but they all seem to have very strong lower bodies(hard to knock them off). They also do a lot of long range stick-handling and stuff and somehow usually always find a way to score.

INTP- Mikael Granlund. There seems not be many of them, just like there is not many INTJś but usually the play smart and lazy game. I have on in my team, we dont play the same line, but we have played few times together and i think with time and work we could work great together.

ESFJ, dont know any

ESFP, dont know any

ISFJ - Henrik Zetterberg. They are usually much wiser from what you would first think of them. And with great patience as well. I have one on my team and he is quite good at everywhere.

ISFP - Ilya Kovalchuk. I like to play with ISFP's , somehow it works just well together and on the bench they are also smart and nice playmates. I also like their temper for the game and they know when to be hard.

INFP- not sure, but i think that TJ Oshie is one. And i think that Brent Burns is also one (not sure in both of them)
I really like Brett Burns game, he plays so smart and strong. He has such a great shot. It seems like every shot is from the red line:D and ends up in a goal through bar.

ENFP- Steven Stamkos is definetly and enfp.

ENFJ- dont know any, but have one in my team- holds the energy up and atmosphere positive and competetive

INFJ- WAYNE GRETZKY!! i have on in my team also. he is quite invisible on the ice, but somehow he finds his way to score and play a great game all the time.

Got a little tired at the end.
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