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I wanted to ask what is is individual and personal in Ni function as I often find it in descriptions, when it is compared to Ne. What exactly makes it introverted and how does that manifest?

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I like what Jung says about it.

"The Introverted Intuitive Type
[661] The peculiar nature of introverted intuition, if it gains the ascendency,
produces a peculiar type of man: the mystical dreamer and seer on the one
hand, the artist and the crank on the other. The artist might be regarded as
the normal representative of this type, which tends to confine itself to the
perceptive character of intuition. As a rule, the intuitive stops at
perception; perception is his main problem, and—in the case of a creative
artist—the shaping of his perception. But the crank is content with a
visionary idea by which he himself is shaped and determined.
the intensification of intuition often results in an extraordinary aloofness of
the individual from tangible reality
; he may even become a complete
enigma to his immediate circle. If he is an artist, he reveals strange, far-off
things in his art, shimmering in all colours, at once portentous and banal,
beautiful and grotesque, sublime and whimsical. If not an artist, he is
frequently a misunderstood genius, a great man “gone wrong,” a sort of
wise simpleton, a figure for “psychological” novels."

Being of this definition:

noun: crank; plural noun: cranks
  1. 1.
    an eccentric person, especially one who is obsessed by a particular subject or theory."
It seems he is describing someone completely detached from reality who has made their own reality or insane vision. What is even more interesting is MBTI is based on pairings of irrational types with ration types. So Ni gets paired with either Te and becomes someone obsessed on building a logical foundation for his nutcase mind or you get paired Fe and end up being a therapist/counselor type of person. It is continued as:

"His judgment
allows him to discern, though often only darkly, that he, as a man and a
whole human being, is somehow involved in his vision, that it is not just
an object to be perceived, but wants to participate in the life of the subject.
Through this realization he feels bound to transform his vision into his
own life."

There is more but it is about a very strong and subjective vision of the world and what it should or could be. That is what makes it introverted.
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