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Doug: ExFP 7w6 Sx/So
Steve: INTP 6w7 So/Sx
Doug and Steve's Dad: E?TJ 8w7 Sp/Sx
Doug and Steve's mom: ISFJ 9w1 Sp/Sx
Emily: ENTP 5w6 Sp/Sx
Hottie Cop: ISTP 8w9 Sx/Sp
Credit Vixen: ISTJ 9w8 Sx/Sp
Dooey: ISTJ 6w5 Sp/So
Benny Zadir: ES?P 7w8 Sx/So
Richard Grieco: ISTP 7w8 Sx/Sp
the two chicks that try to pick up Doug and Steve: ESTP 3w2 Sp/Sx
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