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Hey, guys and gals! How's this for a first post? Gotta make a great impression! :wink:

EDIT: Okay, so it looks like I need to make 15 posts in order to make links, so let's have a big discussion below so that I can put links in and everything makes sense!

Okay, so this is probably going to get extremely complicated and drawn-out and smell like pizza and root beer, but here it goes...

I keep trying to figure out Nightwing's personality (Dick Grayson). I've read every single issue of his from before the New 52, most of the New 52 issues, and lots of his adventures in between. Thing is, as much as I keep thinking I know the guy (heck, look at my username), I'm stuck between 2 personalities.

The majority of people label him as either an ENFP or ENFJ. A few have attempted to label him as ESTJ, ESFP, and ENTP, but the vote is mostly equally ENFx (he's definitely a mix of the two. Personally, I feel like he's an ENFP (no bias at all... *whistles and covers up the label under my username*) but understand the ENFJ. A lot of it is because, yeah, I'm an ENFP. And even now, people always type me as either an ENTP when they talk to me or an ENFJ when they listen to how I describe myself. But I can relate to Dick on almost every level. And I realize that may prevent me from being able to contribute this as an intellectual proposal. But I'll present my argument to the audience. Sorry in advance for the length, but that's what happens when an ENFP has something on his mind for too long. *cracks knuckles* Alright, let's get started....

So first, let's talk about stereotypes. I don't mean this to be an analysis or complaint of what types are like, but I feel like I should begin by saying that most stereotypes of the types are much more extreme examples of what the types are. For instance, I have never considered myself (or other ENFPs) as "Champions of a cause." Yeah, I get the whole Fi and "ENFPs are one of the more of the naive, feelings-first types" thing, but I usually only see Fi manifested as thought-out personal opinions, ideals that are true to oneself, and genuineness of character, not as "I need a cause and I need to rally to fight the whale oppressors mlarrrgh." Also, I hate that when people are asked to describe types in the hypothetical room, ENFPs are known as "the fun one that has crazy ideas." We're not ENTPs before they mature. We're the everlasting Understanders-of-People who happen to always be in motion (that's what our Ne does). Finally, no one ever talks about the "great ENFP leader" simply because ENFPs usually aren't leaders. It's a discussion for another day, but I think we have the capability to be leaders (maybe not the most effective, but capable), as I'll talk about later.

Now to ENFJ stereotypes. I don't know if it's because we have opposite functions or because I somehow haven't looked into it enough, but the ENFJs I've met (who knew they were ENFJs) act very different to how ENFJs are described online.... I mean, I like ENFJs as much as the next guy so I hate to say it, but to me, immature ENFJs act less like "hypnotic, empathic leaders" and more like... well, doormats. And mature ENFJs act like others-first counselors. Not that there's anything wrong with either. But the ones I know would sooner die than be in charge of anything or anyone, and are so sensitive and nervous that they shake when they talk. In addition, ENFJ leaders don't seem to make their followers equal to themselves, but rather put everyone ahead of themselves. So I don't really understand the stereotype, but maybe someone can help me here :happy:

Finally, we get to Dick Grayson. Which is, y'know, just what this thread is all about. There's definitely the argument that the personality will be different under different writers (compare Chuck Dixon Dick, Judd Winick Dick, and Christopher Yost Dick). I completely understand that. But I'm trying to make the distinction between the "main tree" that is most consistent with his character and the "branches" that are close but different interpretations of him. Obviously, I view that main tree as an ENFP. I think that he's been one except in cases such as the Dick&Damian era, some New 52 stories, and new spinoffs such as Injustice. In other words, he is only recently becoming an ENFJ rather than the classic ENFP.

First of all, immature ENFPs are known to be happy-go-lucky when they are kids. The only word that comes to my mind when describing my child years is "sunny," which Dick was when he was Robin . Always smiling and energetic, which, I admit, ENFJs are known to be also. But I would say that based on what I've seen, immature ENFJs are more accurately described as "sweet" than "sunny." I know. Weak argument. It's the pizza.

As Dick gets older, however, his demeanor changes, and the maturity argument starts to make more sense. An ENFP's life cycle is definitely known to be a sunny childhood, introverted/"depressed" teenager , rebellious adolescence, independent "enlightened" passage, and responsible-yet-optimistic adulthood. And let's not forget the most ENFP transition into male adulthood ever printed in comic book history, when he gave up being Robin in the Teen Titans. I can elaborate on all this if you want, but you'll have to trust me until then :wink: Based on what I know about ENFJs and remember about the comics, I actually see Donna Troy as someone who starts out as ENFJ and turns into an ENFP.

Also, ENFPs are notorious for exploding when their lives are put in a box. And what is the turning point in Dick's life? When he gets tired of Bruce's tiny box that he always puts him in, and breaks free. He's free. Now, most of us think that Bruce is either an INTJ or ISTJ. Personally, I prefer to think of him as an ISTJ base with an INTJ mod. So just suppose something with me here for a second. Just suppose Dick is an ENFP. Alright? Now, just suppose that Bruce is an ISTJ. And think of how that kind of life would turn out. An ENFP child raised under an ISTJ father's-like roof, sticking to his standard of the mission, living the way he says to from 8 until 18. Just think about that. Eh? See what I'm getting at? Really think about it.

And, remember, just because he's witty, charming, and caring to the extent that he counsels people doesn't mean that he's an ENFJ. Remember, we have all those traits too. And if you think he's an ENFJ just because of the counseling part, remember that we are the definition of "deep conversations." Think about what he does in the classic Hush story. In fact, listen to the way he talks at any point in the Hush story. But specifically, let's look at when he's in the Batcave. He just told Bruce that he'd been talking for 10 minutes and that he expected him to talk back (that's a discussion, not a counseling session) after Bruce saw his friend get shot in front of him by the Joker. But look closely at the way he talks, even. From the main point (concern) to a reason (Joker's caught) to a random muttering (maybe we can hold on to him). Sounds like a drop of Ne to me. So he starts by discussing what happened with Joker, then moves to the mushy affection before suggesting they go blow off some steam by having fun (ENFP trade secret). Oh, and not to undo all that thinking from the previous paragraph, but that reminds me of one of the best comic depictions of an ENFPxINTJ interaction.

Of course, all this is incomplete without talking about the functions. I already gave my piece about his Ne, and I'd say while he does admittedly have a high Ni, it's mostly just knowing what to say to people. As far as T, all you need to do is look at how he acts whenever he's in a group outside the Batcave. Whether it's the Outsiders, the Justice League in Obsidian Age, or the Titans, the mission always comes first, and Dick's leading people towards it. He's not "winning" them over to do what he wants (FeNi), but is made the leader because he is the most qualified to reach a goal (Te). As far as Ti goes, he's never one to think from A-B-C-D all the way to Z. It's always from A straight to Z. He can leave the mechanics to Tim, who would be interested enough to look into it. "Blockbuster's the top dog in the Haven? Guess I'll just knock on the front door." "I need dirt to put Desmond away? Plan A should work fine; I don't need to analyze Tarantula's brother or anything, he probably won't smash the tape." He does sometimes "process" things, but that's very commonly associated with Ne, Fi, Te, or Si, depending on the issue, versus just Ti and maybe Ni. Some might say he's got Se because he's happy-go-lucky and says he likes feeling a thrill, but come on, he grew up in the circus. If anything, that's Si. Besides, with all the talk about "the good old days" all the time, how he doesn't seem to prefer new methods (he uses all of Bruce's methods), and how he sometimes doesn't rest when something's on his mind (his whole Blockbuster takedown), he shows Si. Also, he always seems to hang out with people from when he was Robin. Think about it. Do you remember him ever talking to Stephanie or Cassandra like he does Bruce or Babs, or Starman or Jessie Quick or anyone like he does with the Titans? As for F, I can see how he could have Fe as a relator, but that's all shattered when I read this, which I encourage you to read. There's just no seeing him as Fe again, is there? The anger outbursts, the firm ideals, the alone time to process things (just think of what he does whenever someone close to him dies or something major happens. Donna's death. Dick snapping when he kills the Joker. Facing the fact that he has to take up Bruce's mantle. He goes somewhere secluded to process his feelings). Not to mention he almost always refuses to join a team because of Donna (FiSi). Plus, let's not forget that he Fi'ed so hard that he's killed people. Okay, one was revived and the other indirect, but you get the point.

So there you have it. There's now no doubt in my mind that the classic Dick Grayson is an ENFP. Alright, maybe that was overkill. Okay, yeah, it was overkill. Probably more appropriate to put it on Tumblr, but whatever. So, what do you think? Do you agree, disagree, wanna go hang out and eat pizza and drink root beer?
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