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Nines and guilt

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Do Nines feel guilty of getting angry? My father, as I have mentioned in a recent post, has been a police officer and an elder person in the family. He was ruthlessly angry on almost everyone around him. Only thing that mattered to him was that people around him behave productively towards material needs and his own career. Everything else was there, present around him and needy (financially mostly). Now at a late age, most around him are materially sufficient. People still respect him and all that. But there are hardly any real connection. Does he feel guilty? He is withdrawing too much from life these days. Others in the family object that makes him withdraw further. Can I do something? Is something possible? Or will he just retreat into utter numbness?
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Sounds like a person who suffered and made others suffer for what now fails to satisfy. He feels that since he was so sure of what he was fighting for and now at least somewhat regretful for all the anger and pain felt and caused, he feels unsure in acting towards people since the fundamental ethic ("no pain no gain?") has proven untrue, since less pain (onto self and others) would have been sufficient, while the gain fails to satisfy in older age when one begins to reflect on life's meaning and material shit just doesn't truly matter anymore. Man needs to connect with his higher power at the level he is comfortable. He needs to feel forgiven at least by someone (you perhaps?) before he can begin to forgive others and himself. Good luck on this, an yet consider that doing this for a human being is one of very few things actually worth doing after all.
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