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Nines and Visual Harmony

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I was thinking, perhaps nines tendency to value harmony carries over into their tastes, visual intelligence. Im aspiring to work in a design-related field, and over the years Ive had to make paintings, layouts, sculptures, building designs.

I will freely admit that I am not the greatest at creating fine art, as I have trouble introducing powerful emotions and a really individuated style as ive noticed other people can. Id imagine they have much more a sense of being a particular way or possessing an internal style than me, who has more a sense of being a flexible personality.

However, i've always had a natural instinct for if a composition is balanced, often in unconventional or strongly assymetrical ways. It just seems natural to me, and is an aspect of visual art i've had an implicit interest and strength in over the years. I wonder then if this could be related to the harmony-seeking aspect of enneagram nine, or if this might be just a personal proficiency of mine?
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The nines I know have damn good fashion sense and combine visual elements in their outfits in a way that seems effortless. I would say this could probably be applied to art as well if they developed that area. :eek: Nines and fours impress me the most with their aesthetic choices. :)
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