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Well, I have something similar to this, but it comes naturally.

I've always learned by capturing a snapshot of the logic of something and then associating it with a visual or auditory symbol. Whenever I need to talk about something, I search for that symbol, and as soon as I grab it, my entire mindset readjusts to the problem in front of me. Then the information spills out like a flood, and I am thinking within whatever framework the information requires.

When I need to deal with new perspectives, I just try to take in all the information at once and then quickly assign the information to a series of old and new mental symbols, and then proceed into the new situation with that understanding at hand.

It's usually good for getting a firm grasp on whatever is happening..

So if symbols in general can substitute for linguistic processing, then that's my technique.

I'm probably missing a lot in my description, and conflating too many things, though. This stuff is hard to get a good picture of.
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