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tell me of your nlp techniques you use.

here are a few i developed myself for myself:
associating emotions with colour shapes to make more sense of them, for remembering them and for fun.
when i need to do multiple tasks at a different point of time than now, i count the number of the tasks, remember that number, associate the number wiht the place where the tasks are located, and then i pile up each of the tasks in my mind, loosely connected to each other and the number. then i mark an emotion of urgency in my short memory, and hope it doesnt fade before i get to the place where my tasks are, from which i remember that i needed to do the tasks, from which i rmeember the number, from which i remember the tasks.

also if not urgetn, then i simply mark the task in my mind, and next time im doing tasks, i might remember to do that task as well, consequently, saving effort.

when im discussing with people, i make notions of things i think might have potential of development in my mind, so when i talk with people, i tend to jump suddenly back to things spoken earlier as i get ideas about them. and thus i build a map of the conversation i have with people. and after the convo, i analyze this map and see what use i can make of the new information.

prolly have more too, but none that comes to mind right now. you?
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