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No ENFJ’s in The Netherlands, more to come?

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No ENFJ’s in The Netherlands, more to come?

I am Hum, like in hummingbird or Humphrey Bogart; my sweet Indonesian mum really loved American actors!
I am from the Netherlands though; in Dutch my initials HH, Humphrey Hofman, are pronounced as HaHa... I do like to smile a lot; I very much like Modern family, Ben Stiller, Lenny Henry and so on.

Like probably many of you I came across PerC because of interest in MBTI.
I have done several tests for several times over several years.
Everytime the outcome was ENFJ. GREAT… but It seems there are not very much of us around, most certainly not in Holland.
Reason for me to virtually cross the ocean.

In Holland it looks like people do a test just to score something but not to really learn about themselves. I am a member of several social groups including datingsites but I haven't found one other ENFJ.
I am searching for another soul mate at PerC to just share my thoughts with because it makes me feel LESS 'alone' or maybe better said MORE 'all one'.
Ofcourse(?) I also do experience that being ENFJ 'we' never truly feel lonely because our whole physical AND spiritual body seems focused from the inner I to the outher other(s). I mean, when I am alone, I always wake up with a smile, feeling happy all day, falling asleep only because my body is tired.
Writing all this gives me energy but, I am not really a writer... at all. What I love most is just doing all sorts of (sensible) stuff with a smile. Being a doer, for others AND myself, I generate energy. Friends I talked with/to all night, thought I was on speed or drugs.
I am also a talker… I like to just chatter with whomever about whatever NO-nonsense. To me 'sens' in all its meanings (senses, common sense, sensability, sensible) is very important.

Nonsense to me is a waist of time, it makes no sense to me, it is not giving me any true joy or energy; on the contrary it drains my energy just like fighting or argueing.
I truly, whole heartedly, don't like fights and conflict at all. I will avoid them as long as possible but when inevitably I will never evade them... and I will go all the way till the sometimes bitter end, not because I am proud of this relentless compassion, just because once started I need to go for 100%.
Is this ENFJ or is this because I am also a true ‘scorpio’(11-11, 11 am)?

Reading the ENFJ forum I, but also my best friends, recognized already many (stereo)typical things.
Probably another ENFJ will immediately recognize my need to streamline all I want to write down her. The too many words I will take to justify every smallest intention. The constant awareness of myself, stepping over it, finally just say what I like to say, whatever the consequence. Once I get started, it is almost impossible to stop my mouth (head) from babling, then again most of it isn't really babling. To me it is of the most importance.

For now I do will stop because this is JUST my introductory to PerC (How about that... hahaha).
I am aware that many of you already started to yawn, having difficulty to keep the eye lids open, even skipped this but I do truly hope there is some other ENFJ’s who will be so kind to react and also to 2 specific stories I want to share on a later date.
One personal story/letter to my ex in which I found out my dark side concerning most subtle manipulation skills > I am going to need helping eyes and words to signal and stop doing this.
Another personal story/letter to my daughter of almost 11 in which I am trying to deal with her prepuberty > I am going to need help… period!

So more to come, thx in advance and may love be with you!

;-) ;-) HH
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Welcome to PerC @Hum
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