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no-tolerance/bullshit policy - which type is likely to be like this?

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I have this professor this semester. He has a NO TOLERANCE policy on his syllabus for lateness or absences - this part doesnt really concern me because im good with punctuality and being in class. But it is interesting to me... because i think the same way he does on a lot of things, but i usually have a harder time enforcing things or voicing them. for him, it's really clear he has a "I won't tolerate your excuses or bullshit" kind of attitude. And he also expects you to understand him, without any explanations. For me (with the tables flipped), I find that I usually say what I expect, and briefly explain why. Whereas for him: he just says what it is and refers you to a website if you do not know what he is talking about. Everything is perfect down to the T in his writing style. He's concise, but he also doesnt really try to say much. He's very commanding i guess.. he's really intimidating. He lays out exactly what he will do to you if you fail to do something - so it's like you're out on the first warning. the syllabus seems to be basically a nice way of saying "be afraid. be very afraid. i warned you." With his syllabus, it's like he started writing it, but stopped. he says everything he needs to, but it's so impersonal. Sometimes he asks questions to the class, to things he knows the answers to, and people are intimidated to reply i think. the few times i did, i felt some vibes, that i cant quite put my finger on lol. but anyway which type is likely to give out a "don't bullshit me" kind of demeanor? in your guys' experiences?
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The ENTJ might respect you for it if you actually bring a good argument of why you disagree with one of its policies.

The ESTJ, on the other hand, might be more intolerant of your complaining because his credentials should be more than enough for no one to question their logic.
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