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Non-lead characters in SUPERNATURAL

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I know there's been Supernatural threads on here before.
Just starting watching it again, from Season 2 on...

What do you guys think of Jo & Ellen? I love episodes with them and The Roadhouse in them. But I love Jo. She should be brought back.
Season 6 other than Sam & Dean (obviously) heavy on Bobby & Castiel. I love Bobby but I think they've gone as far as they can with that relationship. Wonder if he'll die in S7.
Bring Jo back!!

What non-lead characters do you like>?
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Bobby definitely! You can really feel how he pours his heart into becoming Dean & Sam's foster father. I have a deep respect for how the character of Bobby holds himself.

Agreed, the Roadhouse characters should have had much more on-screen time. I feel there was some major character development potential lost right there.

Then of course there's Castiel and I CAN understand how oodles of females go crazy about him - and that comes from a hetero man, too! ;-) Misha is a perfect cast for Castiel. The way he can look at Dean for example as though he was actually looking inside his soul is awe-inspiring acting.

Dang, now you made me want to rewatch all seasons! Thanks! (seriously! :))
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