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I never know if I'm capable of reading non-verbal cues. It happens extremely often that I'm in a group, somebody else drops by and says something completely harmeless and the moment s/he leaves, all the others (usually women) start attacking this person, their attitude, their posture, all the mean things this person said ... and I'm always like "WTF? I was right there! When did this happen??" I usually think it's because this "slanderers" just see conspiracy theories all around or do I really just suck in this?
Sounds similar to me.

I don't trust my judgement when it comes to non-verbal cues.

I am very observant to the world around me. I see movement out of the corner of my eye and can catch falling objects with snap reflexes, and generally have very good spatial awareness. If I'm out in public I people watch, and see interactions go on.

When it comes to actually interacting with someone directly though, I'll catch all of their non-verbal cues, but I also don't know how to interpret them. I think part of it is that even though I see them, I don't trust them and don't feel like I can make a judgement on what they were trying to convey non-verbally. The only thing I trust is direct verbal communication. This is why it usually takes the woman to make the first move on me.

A lot of the times I'll have a woman hit on me but I won't even notice and it will be the people around me to point out that she's attracted to me. :unsure:
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