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It is my belief that if SP users want to be able to interpret nonverbal (even verbal) cues, we need to learn to trust/enhance our gut instinct (Ni). Reading between the lines to me is Ni. Se users take in cues and can see possibilities between the lines but we don't trust our instinct enough to react. The reason why Primary Ni users come off as psychic sometimes is because they are trusting their gut (Ni) like we trust our sight (Se).

I think both NJ and SP users can be the best "guessers" of all the types.

Ni users = Great gut, poor cues
Se users = Great cues, poor gut

From that I think Se users take in more data before making a decision and Ni users make a decision based on limited data and fill it in with the "best" possibility. I don't think either is more efficient then the other honestly. Both groups would benefit from enhancing Se or Ni.

I have been trying to trust my instincts a lot more in the past couple years but it is hard to force myself to go with my gut at times. An example for me is regarding women. I typically will not go with my gut at first. I will interact with them and take in cues. If I think that I have a candidate and it still isn't obvious I will set up situations that will bring out a result that I want. This is manipulation on my part but harmless manipulation because if it works we both get what we wanted and if it doesn't work the other person has no idea what I was trying to do.
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