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I've recently fallen in love with this tv series, and I've been trying to type the characters ever since. About three seasons in, here's what I've got so far.

Dr. Joel Fleischmann - INTJ

Ni - Visionary. Joel has tunnel-vision. He wants to be a doctor in New York City, and struggles when he must break away from his plan. His goal--getting out of Alaska after four years of medical service, is what keeps him going throughout the series.

Te - Fleischmann is unmoveable. He refuses to accept anything that he cannot look up in a book. An excellent doctor, he is frequently seen reading different medical texts in order to keep up to date with the facts. Unshakable, confident, a little gruff. He is quickly dismissive of theoreticals.

Fi - Joel's emotions are expressed through his Te, usually through bursts of frustration and anger. Short-tempered and aware of what he is feeling, he often struggles with the emotions of others

Se - Joel generally dislikes intense physical experiences, like flying. He is a little more conservative and cautious in terms of jumping into new activities, yet there is no doubt that he experiences the world in a concrete manner--it is what it is. He can be opportunistic, and longs for physical human contact in Cecily, Alaska.

Maggie O'Connel - ESFP

Se - An airline pilot, Maggie has to make quick decisions often in the spur of a moment to keep her passengers safe. She understands how things work and is a skilled mechanic. She, like Joel, has a solid understanding of the world as it exists. She has no problem acquiring significant others, and though they frequently die on her, refuses to believe in any 'curses' that the rest of the town perpetuates.

Fi - Maggie can be both charming and friendly with others, often putting on a face while keeping her own emotions welled up.

Te - She frequently reacts to events that upset her with force--throwing things, storming out, doing everything in her power to express anger without necessarily verbalizing or elaborating. She is efficient and able to get things done.

Ni - Her inferior function, Maggie doesn't plan much for the future. She is content living in the moment, and her goals are mostly short-term. She is seen wondering about deeper meaning every now and again, and through Te, verbalizes her questions about the universe rather eloquently.

Chris Stevens - ISTP

Ti - A radio jockey, Chris is brimming with questions and answers. He analyzes texts and searches for meaning; once he finds it, he shares it with the town and opens up the field for their own interpretations on the matter. Chris loves material that makes him wonder about the world, and hopes that he can inspire others to ask questions as well.

Se - Chris is an irrefutable charmer, and an opportunist. An ex-con, motorcyclist, and former wanderer, Chris perceives the world as something he can manipulate. He installs art exhibits, and lives out in a trailer. He lives in the moment and does not create impressions about things, but moves on from one event to the next in his life. Chris is frequently seen out of doors, in quiet search of new experiences.

Ni - Chris is obsessed with meaning. He shares subconscious dreams with his half brother, and consequently half-twin, Bernard--about Africa, about ritual, about celebration. He looks for answers and deep inner connectivity between the works of master authors and understands, somehow, that they are all pointing to the same thing--which he can never quite verbalize. He hopes to, and frequently does inspire his neighbor, and on top of working as a disc jockey, is the town's only minister.

Fe- Chris is not a particularly forceful person or volatile person, and enjoys the company of others. He has an eloquence in the expression of his feelings that Fi-users normally lack. His countenance is warm and welcoming, and he wants to atone for the mistakes he made in his youth--sometimes reaching over the top.

Shelly - ESFJ

Fe - Shelly bursts with warmth and compassion for her neighbors in Cecily. She is very open with her emotions and expresses them with ease. She is aware of what she is feeling, and gets frustrated when others cannot talk freely around her.

Si - Shelly creates impressions about sensations -- she remembers her home fondly, and through her story-telling, is able to tell Holling about her experiences there. She is fond of traditions--she loves planning for weddings and holidays, and wants to make people feel at home. She frequently misses her old life, and wishes that she could be part of Holling's old life as well.

Ne - Bursting with ideas and energy, Shelly is happy to encourage others around her. She creates connections between just about everything, surpassing everyday associative thinking, and bringing it into the realm of endless maybes and possibilities. She is optimistic and charming, and is open to new ideas. She has no problem dating a man that is 40 years her senior.

Ti - Shelly keeps her thinking to herself; she can be quite shrewd at times, but due to her reluctance in expressing her thoughts, often gets dismissed as immature and unintelligent.

Ruth Ann - {?}
She's certainly on the Te-Fi axis somewhere. Intelligent, strongly opinionated, but internal on her emotions and realistic. She's open toward others--though she does have a bit of a fixed routine.
I have trouble analyzing her; While I could see her being an ISFP, I think I'm leaning toward high Si as opposed to high Se...maybe ISTJ.

Holling - {?}
Even trickier. Very kind to Shelly. Doting. Affectionate. Possibly leaning toward ISFJ, as he seems to have some fixed impressions of the world. Gave up hunting for photography because it produced a moral conflict. Does not attempt to organize his external world so much as his internal world. A bit of a quieter nature.

Maurice - ESTJ
Very controlling of his environment, strong longing for the past. A bit begrudging; explosive temper. A bit of an 'idea man' ruled by his own internal morals--had no qualms about trying to gather fame and fortune for the town. Former astronaut. Book smart, and bad with people.

Marilyn, I think, might be an INFP. Very associative, very internal.

Ed...I struggle with. He appears scattered, like dom-Ne might--but in truth he's quite focused on his goal of becoming a filmmaker and writer. He wants to understand people, and though he is somewhat tied to the traditions of his town, does not romanticize it--and doesn't really seem to dwell in much of a subjective reality. He is very kind and open toward other people. I've seen him typed as an ENFP, but I think I'm leaning more toward INFJ. He's always lingering on the edges, observing, and I think internalizing his intuition about it all rather than expressing it to produce more ideas. He has casual friendships with film-makers, and has managed to contact them. He's successful in achieving his goals, suggesting more of an Ni-Se follow-through strategy.


Really thinking I might be the only person in the world that watches this show.
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