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Not feeling like an INFJ lately

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My flat mate left me in October who’s money I relied on to help pay my rent. I cannot find a replacement flat mate, Many have been interested but nothing confirmed
Not paid rent and bills for two months

I cannot concentrate: I feel really flat and lost, I would even go as far as saying that I feel like I have been shattered into a million pieces. I’m not sleeping very well. I don't feel stressed nor depressed but I don't feel right, I feel vulnerable, angry, frustrated, anxious and chaotic. I have periodic bursts of energy and I feel bright and shiny again but that wanes after an hour or so

I start reading, painting, playing guitar, watching a film, listening to music and I stop after a short while, I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for life

Today I started watercolouring my Christmas cards, I set out all my art materials, prepared the paper and drew the Christmas scenes but I made one mistake and couldn't continue.

I am avoiding going out, any excuse not to go to get food and fresh air. I don't wash or clean my home, I wasn't great at this but now its worse

I seem to be focused on coding. Html5, CSS and python just to while away the hours writing a web site in python that I will never use. I wrote one website for a local charity years ago.

Today I installed Parrot OS and configured all the pen testing programs on my spare laptop. A complete waste of time and effort. I know how to do these things but they have never been a priority for me and I don't even like coding

I am volunteering at the local psychotherapy service for one hour, one evening a week, with an old client who I have been seeing for years. I do clean myself up for this

I do briefly read he guardian online and come here but that is all I do

My therapist is on her annual leave and will be back mid January

Has anyone else been through this?

Any ideas as to how I might regain my concentration and enthusiasm for life again and dig myself out of this hole?

Your guidance would be much appreciated
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Make sure to eat healthy - greens and vegetables... and some vitamin D is important too.. exercise, I know you don't feel like it at all, but take a small walk around the blok or something. Make a plan to do one thing each day. Like tomorrow I have to wash or go out and buy some food - whatever. Call a friend who will listen. Or a hotline of some kind.
Hello @master of time and space. I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. With respect, I think your question is misdirected. Rather than directly focusing on overcoming feelings of stress, it's usually more effective to address the root cause of the stress. If you don't get a flat mate could you afford to move to a smaller place of your own, or move in with others advertising for a flat mate? Have you let your landlord and utility providers know about your situation? Sometimes they will agree to a grace period where you can pay a reduced amount for a limited time and not incur penalties for accruing debt/interest in late payments. Presumably you can pay something, as your flat mate would only be paying half the rent and bills, most people prefer to be paid something rather than nothing. If you need to move out of your flat, what are your options? Do you have friends or family who you could stay with? As lovable has said, take care of yourself physically too and reach out to others who can help, even by lending an ear for you to just express your feelings. I believe expressing our feelings is very important for our mental health as infjs, and true for many other types too. Art and creative projects are therapeutic for us too, but not as a way to avoid the real issues. I'm not saying you're doing this, as I don't know all your circumstances and options, but it's something to be mindful of.
I get this way when I'm in a bad spot too :/ Unfortunately I think this is pretty typical for us INFJs when we are feeling overwhelmed by life. Usually for me it helps to make a clear list of all the things I have to do and when and try to relax about life and do things I enjoy to feel at peace again. Maybe hang out with a close person in your life who's company you really enjoy and feel relaxed in.
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