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Do you guys know Marina Joyce on Youtube? A few years ago there was this huge drama about people thinking she was kidnapped, because she kept uploading very odd videos about how extremely happy she is, how much trauma she survived and how incredibly happy she got from that, how much she loves everything and everyone and a lot of new age spiritualism while acting fake, like on drugs and like a robot programmed to be happy. After a while it came to the surface that she went through a very, very rough time and depression at that time, including drug use and someone did something bad to her, but she never said what exactly. (average health, after health crisis) (very unhealthy, during health crisis) (average health, before health crisis)

Sadly most videos during crisis are deleted.
I feel like she is a sx/so 7 (so optimistic that it hurts + obsession about helping others who are in emotional pain while completely in crisis herself) and sx 7 is a type I don't know in real life, so I'm trying to find a person as an example that I actually know something about. I was pretty obsessed with her for a while. What do you think? Do I have a false picture in mind about a sx 7?

What do you guys think? I have posted this in some other place and there she was types as a so/sx 7 with 2 and 9 in her fix and as a so/sx 3w2 with 7 and 9 in her fix.
I can definately see why they say so/sx, she is very focused on the social regime. I can also see the possibility of 3.
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