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Hey guys. I have already posted around the forum, but I thought that it would be cool to introduce myself. Well, I am Humaning and I experience life the ISFP way; however, do not let me convince you that I am extremely artistic. My interests bend more towards psychology, philosophy, sociology and anything that furthers my understanding of the human experience. Yet, I love colorful and vibrant scenes and things the way only an Se user can understand. I also have an obsession with animals, specially lions... Damn you, Kevin Richardson you are living my life!

Some of you might initially think that the S on my type code suggests that I am fixed on my opinions or unconserned with truly abstract concepts, but you could not be further from the truth. I yearn to exchange ideas with the colorful and deep individuals I experience here on this forum.

To it may concern: Si hablan espanol, hasta mejor! Me hace falta practicarlo en la escritura.

Passions: exercise, reading, gaming, getting to know people at a soul level, meditating, fighting for what I believe, watching movies and other things that you need not know if you are not my girlfriend :tongue:
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