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ok i chose this questionnaire, im not certain about my type, maybe you guys can help. one:

2)I prefer the first picture, because the second one, where there is a lady eating croissants for breakfast is pretty dull. i would describe the picture as an aurora in a beautiful scandinavian beach.
3)when introducing myself to other people, i usually just state my name and only other relevant information. i find it stupid to say good things about myself, and just let people see for themselves.
4)an intelligent, highly independent human being. i mean when your that sort of a guy, pretty much all options of life are open for you. i would NOT want to be a highly superficial person, devoting my life to unimportant subjects, that dont help humanity at all. (like people obsessed with celebrities etc..)
5)hmmmm... i think most people perceive me as an intelligent person, not sure about the independent part. my friends say im a sociopath when describing me to other people.
6)i did the test:
1. Intelligence (13 votes)
2. Justice (11 votes)
3. Making a difference (10 votes)
4. Truth (10 votes)
5. Knowledge (9 votes)
6. Independence (9 votes)
7. Cunning (6 votes)
8. Reliability (6 votes)
9. Investing (5 votes)
10. Entertainment (3 votes)
11. Reasonableness (3 votes)
12. Satisfaction (2 votes)
13. Privacy (2 votes)
14. Altruism (2 votes)
7)when coming to a new place, i usually find a quite place to sit at, and i rarely talk until i get more comfy. i really try to avoid getting into truly unknown situations, so nothing really pops up for me. i once got lost in the subway in Taiwan but i dont think it helps lol.
8)depends. if its an argument, i usually to try to avoid it and isolate myself, to find inner peace. if its a test/competition it usually brings out the best out of me.
9) i loosen up when im in an entertaining situation, like joking with friends and things like that.
10)Thats probably my achilles heel lol. it fells very awkward for me, and everytime after socializing with someone, i fell like i said something wrong( "Omg why did i say that im so stupid").
11) i look at traditions and social norms as ways to create order in society. i tend to follow my own values, even if its not considered as a social norm. i dont like inclusion, or "seeing people as a whole", and i really tend to judge pepole on a individualistic basis.
12)Im pretty defiant. i used to get into alot of trouble in school, because i never kept my truth to myself, and not many teachers liked that. i always to try to find holes in rules, and cross borders.
13) people always say my environment is "chaotic", because its really untidy, but i always find what im looking for and know where everything is, so im pretty unsure about that one.
15)to make an impact and to be remembered in a certain field, as minor as it will be. thinking of something new is like helping mankind to advance for me.
16)probably finding something that interests me and getting obsessed about it for a few days. i do that all the time. i fell like the activities that drains me the most is family meetings. i just dont like hugging and small taking with those half familiar relatives.
17) i read alot about mbti, and i thinking knowing my type can really help me in my future life. im not sure if im an INTP or INTJ. i think i wrote my ennegram result in my profile.
Thanks in advance !

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Sorry, there really isn't a lot to go on. Can you answer #6 without a test result?

We need more introspection, more perspective.

As it stands, you're showing hints of possible Si and not much else.
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