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Not wanting to embrace being an introvert/INFJ.

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Any others always wanted to be something they are not or will never be?

I since a kid was obsessed with James Bond, I always wanted to be that that super spy, traveling the world, being in intense adreneline fueld adventures, a suave talker with a mysterious personality, now all this is a fictional character but still even now as an adult I want to be extraverted, I still want to be that guy who is talking with tons of people, having crazy adreneline rushes etc.

When it actually comes down to it though I realize "damn, I am an introvert, wtf am I doing" I cant just be that life of the party, I like to travel but i have to take time for myself and cant be around people too long, hate loud noises and commotion etc.

Has anyone else had this feeling of wanting to be the total opposite of what you truly are?
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Ahaha I know exactly what you mean!

The difference is being James Bond in your mind is easy for an INFJ since we have a rich inner world.

Being one in the real world would completely mind fuck us.

I used to want to do all kinds of action and travel until I entered the real world and found it was stressful enough as it is. I crave angelic peace now over running around and kicking butt. I do that all day everyday because of life's stresses :p
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