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NT and Cannabis

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All of my NT friends are users of cannabis and I just love talking to them when we're all under the influence.

INTJs tend to be more relaxed and for once, more tolerable. Oh and wow, great improvement on the humour.

INTPs either sit there quietly thinking about something really personal to them or just something in general, then try to talk to other people about it.

.... Come to think of it INTJs and INTPs aren't really that rare where I live. Either that or birds of the same feather flock together.

Also ENTJs just become more hospitable and funny.

So, what do you guys do when you're high and how do you guys find other people (may not necessarily be NTs) when you guys get high together?
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When I smoke cannabis I manage to speak even less than I already do. I can smoke with groups if we have something to focus on (movie, video game, ect.) otherwise I just get told I'm very quiet. I enjoy it much more when I'm alone; when in isolation I may try some yoga, dancing, singing, sketching, or even reading.

When I'm with people that don't feel the need to talk for the sake of talking the sesh is way better; I'm very selective about who I get high around.
really goofy and extremely clumsy, but stays mentally sharp.
You basically summed it all up for me.
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