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NT comfortable with emotion

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Has any NT of my fellow NT's ever been able to get to the point where they are comfortable with emotion and able to be sympathetic to people who are feeling a lot for no rational reason?
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I'm definitely not comfortable with emotions. I'm not saying that emotions are atavistic, as they are used a lot and sometimes they are needed to survive, but I find them something inferior.
I'm fine with emotions and accept that for some, that's their... thing. When they get a little too wily e.g. when they are weaponized or used to manipulate, obviously that's unacceptable.

Example: my sister's initial reaction to things is to cry. Not even bad things. So when she cries about something that, if it were me it wouldn't be that big of a deal, I just let her get it out because really that's just the easiest way to handle it. That said, I doubt I'll ever receive an award for how I handle them. You might be better off crying to a pet or a tree or a stranger if you desire reassurance and comfort.

I am fine expressing my emotions, as long as I feel safe with that person. For me, sharing emotions is very private and is based heavily on trust. It's about on par with allowing someone to see me naked. While I'm not uncomfortable with the actual emotions, I am admittedly quite sensitive and I think that most people are just too clumsy to have access to them.

If anything, when I feel very comfortable with someone, I am prone to wax poetic.
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I hate emotions, personally. I am not comfortable with them, and I really don't like them
Lol what is with threads like these that paint NT types as some kind of emotionally handicapped set of people? I consider this to be an insult. I am very comfortable expressing my emotions and even if I can't empathize with other people, I can usually see where they're coming from. I know several NTs who can.

Being able to handle one's emotions and finding constructive ways of expressing them are signs of a healthy human being. It has nothing to do with MBTI.
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Has any NT of my fellow NT's ever been able to get to the point where they are comfortable with emotion and able to be sympathetic to people who are feeling a lot for no rational reason?
I am a degree. I'm not exactly the best shoulder to lean on at a funeral, but I can emphasize with people going through smaller things in life. I can even combine emotion with some logic to come up with some novel solutions.

For example, my friend was madly in love and wanted to buy his girlfriend a ring. While he was looking at the ultra-expensive stuff, I pulled him down to Earth and advised him to look at the lower-end, but nicer rings so he doesn't blow his budget on his girlfriend. With a bit of aesthetics, we managed to find a moderately-priced ring that didn't break the bank and had little touches his girlfriend appreciated.
Absolutely. I'd argue it's a necessary skill for a successful life.
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My tertiary Fi often sometimes gets ridiculously amplified during phases of mania. I wouldn't trade it for anything. And yes, I've been able to be a mentor, sensei, and/or confidant for others when they needed me.
Other times, even my INFP and ESFJ friends find me annoying and have difficulty understanding the way my emotions express themselves.
I wouldn't say I'm comfortable with my emotions, but I'm comfortable with them being there, if that makes any sense.
I don't care that I have emotions, I do care which emotions I have. I like to think my Fe is pretty good, but I really don't have a clue. I often times can't 100% pinpoint my emotions, but I can explain how I think about things. And when I explain my thoughts, people can usually tell very easily and quickly how I feel about a situation. Emotions should be expressed however they're needed to be expressed, but when I see people who cry over small things, I kind of back away and let them do their own thing. I don't want any part in over-emotional reactions to irrelevant things.
Yes. Me. XD

It's not that hard. You'll just open your eyes. Because you can also learn from them as a human experiment xD
I'm comfortable with emotions. There's nothing worse to me than feeling numb (I used to be like that when I was younger).
I consider myself to be very empathetic and sensitive, I often end up as a "therapist", I do like talking about emotions (with right people only).

I still don't like it when people shut their brains down, become hysteric for no reason and justify their actions with emotions. Although it goes the same for people who act "rational" and are unaware of what they feel (thus it affect their behaviour anyway).
It's not possible to act as a traditional adult human if one isn't aware of one's emotions, aware of what meaning they may have, their possible origins, maybe, and aware of different ways they can be expressed.

People who have related neurodevelopmental disabilities have many options available to them, it seems, at least in the wealthy developed countries. The development and maintenance of assisting machines -- home computers, networking equipment, embedded devices -- can be pursued by those with limited natural-language abilities, as well as used by them as consumers, to assist them as needed. For that matter, to the extent that the natural sciences are becoming more reliant on techniques and technologies drawn from big data analysis, and in general dependent on digital tools, the same prospects can be applied to these fields' participants and dependents, making the natural sciences no longer the domain of the well-connected, well-educated, usually wealthy and male set. Others have probably noticed a corresponding trend to distinguish the field of statistics from mathematics -- in this way, the natural sciences are afforded a finer granularity, so that they may choose among the most useful tools from mathematics, without the need to pursue the abstract sciences beyond those which have greatest application.

So, I'm glad to see there are plenty of options out there for those who don't have the traditional abilities.

I will say, however, that it's not to everyone's taste to socialize with these sorts. For example, I don't think it's too much to demand of one's coworkers or social companions small efforts to behave as the other humans do, and to resist the temptation to either wildly express inarticulate emotions, or to fail to provide the expected emotional cues as required.
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Everyone has emotions right? Like why not acknowledge something that's there.

Like i cannot comprehend why the fuck someone has no emotions. Aren't you human. XD

Lol. You're just existing like a robot or human machine if you don't have emotions.

Probably some doesn't acknowledge it, but it feels..nothing. You will not feel alive.

Happiness, sadness, etc. That's basic human needs
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Has any NT of my fellow NT's ever been able to get to the point where they are comfortable with emotion and able to be sympathetic to people who are feeling a lot for no rational reason?
You had me until the bolded. I can't handle being swamped by emotional dysfunction from others.
I'm not. Maybe it get worse as time goes by
Sometimes I have a facility to talk about my feelings with my ENFP best friend, but as you see, she's very different from me, and even that she can 'understand', I still thinking that is different.
And so, when I have feelings, i used to ignore them but probably I'll overthink and get anywhere or get sad. Feelings for me it's like a decoding that i can't decode.
I flat out do not understand them
I took classes on them and broke them down into thier hormonal components and followed what systems they influences. Brain. Sympathetic nervous system etc. To get an understanding about what they were lol. Thats how i accepted them. Nerd mode. Lol. Its a bit of smoke and mirrors tho. Like "what came first the chicken or the egg?" Theres the question "what came first? The emotion or the bodily response?" Its been such a long time since i did that so i only remember bits and pieces.

Anyways, i have emotions and accept them. They to me are little warning flags. They dont make decisions but sort of alert me to things that are going on around me.

Being sympathetic is not my strong suite. I can surprise people and be very sympathetic at times and then other times people laugh at how cold i can come across. I guess it just really depends on if i can understand it or not. Some people respond to things the opposite of how i would. Usually i just stop talking in those moments but sympathizing just might not be possible with that. Doesnt mean i have to act like a dick if i dont get it tho. Anyways i try to focus on being respectful over being sympathetic.
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You want emotion? I'll give you emotion.


Grrrr! Agrrrr!

Take that!
Has any NT of my fellow NT's ever been able to get to the point where they are comfortable with emotion and able to be sympathetic to people who are feeling a lot for no rational reason?
Anyone who experiences emotion in themselves or others usually indulges in that emotion. That emotion is caused and in so being is a reason in itself. It's just that the emotion is not looked at for its cause in a rational manner. Rather we tend to look at where the emotion is going.

Love - where is it directed, not where did it come from?
Hate - what is it directed to, not what brought it about?
Disgust - what is it directed to, not what brought us to this place?
I've never really had that much trouble feeling/having sympathy for someone feeling a lot. I mainly see emotions as things that simply are and therefore defy easy categorization when it comes to the rational/irrational distinction - generally more a-logical than illogical per se - so that doesn't even enter into the question of whether I should be sympathetic.

I can seem unsympathetic and impatient with other people's emotions if I know the feelings they're experiencing need to be temporarily canned so that we can accomplish whatever we need to, and the person isn't handling those feelings at what I consider to be a reasonable or appropriate rate. If they're dwelling when there isn't time for dwelling, that I have sometimes gotten annoyed by. It's not for lack of sympathy though... the sympathy is all there, it's just there alongside other considerations and isn't being weighted as heavily in my internal activity triage calculations.

I also don't find myself too uncomfortable with my own emotions - I'm certainly fine with having them, and I'm even pretty expressive for an INTJ - but when I compare how I handle my feelings with how people of more feeling-centered types do I am forced to admit that selective, context-dependent repression and dissociation is such an important tactic for me that it may not be accurate to say I'm "comfortable" with them in the same sense that say, an ENFP is. I'm more comfortable with them in theory than in practice, almost.
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