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I was just reading the NT fora, noticing these "take over/destroy the world" threads and posts.
The following just popped into my mind.
Sorry, Ne made me do it.
I wonder if I should bother to say that it is an absolutely not serious / blatant stereotypes based generalization written by a non-native speaker but as you're reading this sentence I'd say yes.
Here they are, in the unalphabetical order :


They've built a gigantic bio-robot firing random things ranging from supernovae to a collection of 19th century korean tables.
It's only half-finished, except for the parts that are sort of... finished twice. Yet they say it works "perfectly" (Other people might refer to it as "A hamster on crack seems pretty sane and predictable compared to this.")
They've added missiles that pop lasers that guide missiles to their targets.
And also to other places such as traditionnal events and ethics committees.
And coordinates randomly generated (by lasers) (Go to to place bets on the next targets)
They created a sophisticated IA based on their own minds. (Thus probably explaining the robot building a commemorative monument for its victims, then destroying it because "stop living in the past", juste before starting to build a gigantic bio-robot.)

Rumors say they seem to have abandonned the project to build a new quantic-robot that will be at least "7 times better and feature a laser-guided waffles fabricator.".

Last thing that was heard about the plan in an interview was :

"An off-switch? What is that for?"


It has been heard that they have discussed the opportunity of considering the possibility to imagine what it would be like if they were to think about a plan.
They seem to be quite close to agree on the definition of the following : "plan", "a", "it" and ".", implying the first round of cerebration might end two years before the universe does.
Then they might take a break and relax themselves by questionning the reasons they were doing such a thing.

However a delay may occur as the wireless server hosting the web site they were using for their discussions has been "lost in the sub; I just looked the other way for like 3 seconds, 2 hours at most, and when my train landed because of the rough sea, it wasn't there anymore. Incomprehensible. Hey where am I? And who are you?"

Some visionnaries also predict a non-violent clash might take place should the question "What is the plan about?" be raised.

The recent zombie infestation taking source from the basement of one of them seems unrelated to this, as he declared :
"Ho that, no that's just a pet project of mine, I don't want to bother anyone with it, it's not polished yet.
How many millions you say?"


They've built an army of robots.
Ok, they've subtly tricked some people into building it.
They use it to slowly take over the world.
That of course is juste a decoy, as the real deal is the smaller robots hidden inside which will pop out when time comes.
Themselves hiding nano-bots that will take control of people and structures remaining unnoticed.

Of course all that is a cover-up for the REAL plan.
Which also happens to be a cover-up.

Due to being ahead of schedule they are now having a break (and good laughes) infiltrating other groups.
However, the fact that they've also infiltrated themselves may become a problem.

INTJ could not be found by interviewers, but a announcement was made, explaining that they "want to make the world a funny place for everyone to be happy, and that that story about a machiavellian plan was nothing but a rumor made-up by meanies to make them very sad."

If I were you I'd have myself tested for nano-devices.
Just saying.


Rumors have been heard that they created three reflexion groups on the subject to come up with different solutions.
They were labelled :

The "Do not let them talk to you, do not watch them in the eyes; have regular blood tests if that happens."
The "I hope our bunker on Mars is ready, we need it; fast."
And the "Hey we need 3 let's do something funny there."

Due to lack of reliability and manageability these three projects have been sold to each others, and the money invested in blood testing labs, metal, lasers and phamarceutics.

Rigth now, organisationnal problems seem to arise;
Every one of them requesting the penthouse office, they had to move to water towers.
Very few non-entj previously hired remain, and those who do are often found crouching in a dark corner, sobbing and babbling nonsense about "their feelings being hurt".

One entj declared that "the cost of destroying the world far outweighs the benefits; thus we are constructing a giant destruction theme park all across the northern hemisphere with an appropriate entry fee.
Please remove any human being or valuables ASAP.
This statement is now over; I require you to go tell the world about our plan and to act accordingly to it."

So what are your views about how these types would proceed? or others?

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Is it safe to assume you have something important you should be doing now?

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A NT by itself cannot lead. Leading requires a group of people because the self will always have bias and a narrow perspective.

I think the best leader is the ENTP, INTJ, ENTJ, and INTP bombarded into one. If not, organize 4 different NTs with a similar vision and that is only the beginning. After organization, you need selfless commitment to that vision.

An ENTJ and ENTP, INTP and INTJ make good combos if they have similar vision. But the best one seems to incorporate all 4 because the introverts spend a lot more time thinking about it, which may be better in theorizing the possibilities.

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I loved the INTP and ITNJ schemes :crazy:

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Anyway taking over the world is a lame thing if it's only envisioned as a goal in itself.

It's not a question of how (of course you need tactical approach), more like why for (why would you want to do it; what is your motivation to do so)?

How would you want to improve how things work instead of just being a useless powerdriven [insert pejorative term]. What is your vision of a better world?

Anyway with so many NTs in the world trust me you wouldn't last long up there (reminds me of King of the Hill game I use to play when I was 5)...

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NTs as a team? Maybe.

I like working with ESTJs though, so let's not forget them in any grandiose schemes. I like INTPs, because they tend to call me out every now and then, as long as they don't bite too hard :wink:

Ultimately destroying the world is silly, and somewhat juvenile. Theoretically though, you'd need an ESFJ to make the next planet suitable and hospitable for living. NTs are not known for their decorating skills.

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This particular INTP will not be discussing the possibilities of thinking about what it would be like to discuss a plan; nor will it (?) be doing anything about the zombie infestation in its basement (But wait! It doesn't even have a basement!) because it is too busy picking apart the spelling and grammar mistakes in your post.

Ahem; as of now, I have only determined the meaning of '.', thank you very much. The others still have unexplored qualities I MUST have missed.

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I think that you would need couple NT's and few SJ's or SP's. Every type has it's weaknesses and strengths. You are going to need a well balanced group of people if you want to take over the world.
Or something like that.
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