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I'll start with a few
1) On average, IS+Ps have far stronger "intuition" than IN_Ps. in IN_Ps, Ji manifests as a set of internal standards of how thinks should be, how thinks should theoretically work, etc. Tertiary Ne helps them formulate ideas and communicate these standards to the world, but they often to grasp concepts which are readily observable, common sense and/or verifiable if those concepts/facts don't line up with their internal standards. in comparison, IS_Ps have a great deal more common sense on average and are more likely to trust their intuition, which is based off of what they actually observe rather than what they feel they should be observing.
2) Extroverted Intuition is not really as "big picture" as people think it is. yes, it can quickly grasp and generate new concepts and ideas, but it also tends to be naive and lacks the sense of "what's really going on?" which is the a trademark of Ni. naturally, Ne can eventually fill in the gaps with experience, but they need to build this thorough understanding from a series of smaller connections. Ni, in contrast, quickly forms and overarching view and is far quicker to see the whole forest on a systemic level.
3) Se doms can be surprisingly strategic and often outdo your stereotypical NJ strategist by exploiting an obvious oversight (Klaus Mikaelson from The Vampire Diaries comes to mind immediately. without observing the character over time, he looks more like an ENTJ with an impulsive streak than an ESFP).
4) Most INTJs are not "masterminds". these are your high functioning Enneagram 3 and Self Preservation 8 INTJs. your typical INTJ is much more dorky, awkward and surprisingly sensitive (case in point: any of the plethora of threads made by butthurt INTJs about how horrible ENFP women are for leading them on :laughing: ). between the two common titles for INTJ, "The Scientist" is by far the more apt.
5) ENFPs with strong Te will almost certainly test as Thinkers when first discovering MBTI and will, if anything, get annoyed by people who are overly emotional, irrational or impractical. Additionally, the Ne/Te combo can give them an impatience and desire to quickly take action which can look SP-ish.
6) The idea that higher education is an Intuitive slanted environment is absurd. STJs are consistently some of the highest achievers in all levels of academia and are generally far more intelligent than descriptions would have you believe (especially Keirsey.....)
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