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In real life, what are some major observations youve noticed of people who have T and F preferences? What are some more obvious giveaways that show you someone may be one or the other?

these are some specific situations im interested in:
- how they sound in emails
- how they give you feedback on your ideas
- offering advice - when they see a problem or something imperfect, they offer their opinions or possible solutions whether or not they were asked? are T/F preferences more likely to do this?
- being minimalist or superfluous with words
- conversation styles - cutting someone off if that person is stepping their boundaries (time, space, content of discussion)

these are just observations im interested in based on what your experiences have been.. but if there are other specific situations you guys have, can you add them here? are there any kind of simple" tests" IRL or something I could do or say just to observe the reaction and figure out if someone is T or F?:proud::proud::proud:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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