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What are your abstract interpretations of or thoughts, brief or lengthy, regarding the words listed?

1. Choose as many/few and/or add more that are unlisted as you please. Modifying words to make them more general or more specific (e.g. 'Owl' instead of 'Bird') is completely appropriate.
2. If you intend to respond, I would suggest doing so before reading others' posts and potentially muddling the purity of your own thoughts.
3. Any length is appropriate - even one word responses.
4. You need not elaborate on the meaning of your answer; the second example below is ambiguous.
5. If you do not intend to respond, it would probably still be an interesting exercise to muse over the list anyways.

Example 1: Blanket: warmth
Example 2: Blanket: means by which one escapes from both day and ultimately also night

[These are both appropriate answers. Curiously, both answers contain metaphors in of themselves - hm...]








And with that, I would encourage reflection on any significance of these ideas - yours and others' - by whatever methodology you so choose - assuming they bear any sort of weight for you.

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Here goes, hope I have done so correctly and this makes sense! It would seem my answers seemed to gravitate towards longer answers but I do like to waffle on.

Human: Furless ape creature
Man: X to the Y Homo Sapien
Woman: XX barer of life
Vision: To observe a living cinema
Sound: Noises, frequency and wavelength
Touch: A chance to feel external reality on your fingertips
Taste: An acceptable form of discrimination
Scent: A quiet infiltrator of the mind, invokes memory and familiarity
Fear: The adhesive of choice for the human psyche.
Pain: The enemy of the body and mind.
Love: An unquantifiable parameter, the nature of its existence is debatable.
Anger: A kettle boiling with rage and negativity.
Hate: A dark entity which seeks to consume the outside and rot the inside
Joy: A moment of euphoria forged from a sea of contentment or fulfilment.

Heat: The molecules become excited, the thermometer rises.
Cold: A pain that can be felt from the flesh into the very core of the soul
Water: An important friend who is always changing yet always loyal.
Fire: Creation and destruction incarnate
Earth: A planet of sentimental importance
Wind: The breath of nature.
Light: Widely favoured in both forms of energy and morality.
Dark: Absence of light
Angel: Perhaps self-righteous, wields and commands the will of the light for good or ill
Devil: Loves only the self and loves only the desire the self demands.

Fog: An ominous veil of uncertainty
Rain: Precipitation, continues its march despite the joys or protests
Storm: The livid drumming of nature which desires fear and demands respect
Lightning: Protons and electrons claiming the sky as their territory
Sunlight: Photons of light energy, warms the skin and the mood.
Cloud: A generous opportunity for imagination and apophenia
Snow: Sight hails as beauty, touch hails as ugliness
Hail: The merciless weapon of the cold
Day: That which celebrates the sun
Night: That which celebrates the stars

Ocean: A great mystery to all except for our genetics.
Mountain: Where land masses had a disagreement
Island: Feels alone yet is still connected to the rest of land through the sea and sky
Forest: An evolutionary crucible which hides itself behind simple greenery
Desert: An expanse of heat and the perfect disguise for the living
Space: A cold, irradiated expanse yet a bright place for dreams to grow
Universe: Our all, as large as space itself or as small as our own selves.
Jungle: The lungs of the Earth, cries to the primal within us.
Swamp: A utopia if you’re a gas or an insect.

Orange: The Sun
Red: Violent rage, hate
Blue: A gentle jovial colour of depth, of the sky or sea
Green: The welcome colour of the land
Yellow: The spirit of optimism and intensity
White: A colour which reflects all colours and leaves only the purity within
Black: Absorbs and consumes the other colours, plenty of places to hide
Purple: The Regal nature of aristocracy or the King’s court.
Pink: Stereotyped as femininity
Grey: The colour relativity loves the most.

Monkey: Respected as an animal, regarded as inferior as a cousin
Horse: An ancient machine of war yet a kind hearted lover of freedom
Lion: A proud, self-proclaimed ruler of others
Bat: Who perceives at will what we strain to imagine
Sheep: Loves self-preservation, and baaing.
Tiger: A brother to the lion yet a fierce rival
Dog: A noble species which is either our subordinate or best friend
Bird: A resident of that we have rarely touched yet always admired
Flower: Friend to the child and to the bee, it is the grass that likes to stand tall.

A couple of my own:

Door: Has what is on one side and what could be on the other
Window: To reflect or muse on what lies beyond us
Road: A man-made pre-determined path
Clock: An accepted measurer of that that isn’t easily measured
Ship: A means to capture the lives of the abundant, either for the sake of freedom or consumption.

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Human: Terrestrial organism shaped by evolutions hand, whilst shaping evolutions hand. Little specs of stardust from the sky.
Man: Two aimless chromosomes injected with testosterone.
Woman: Sugar, spice and all things nice.
Vision: Perspective; eye in the sky
Sound: Symphony, energy, waves of colours
Touch: Merge, intertwining, synergy, magnetism
Taste: Desire, gratification
Scent: wandering plumes
Fear: Black veil
Pain: Tightly curled spring
Love: A creature
Anger: Pockets full of heavy stones
Hate: Blindness
Joy: Release, upwards movement

Heat: Movement
Cold: Torpid
Water: One
Fire: Power
Earth: One of many
Wind: Cycles
Light: Yang
Dark: Yin
Angel: Confidence potion
Devil: A whisper

Fog: Grey candyfloss
Rain: System of revival
Storm: Emphatic stirring (within, or outwards)
Lightning: Charged dancers
Sunlight: Yolk, birth
Cloud: An impression
Snow: Compact
Day: New beginnings
Night: lucid. Being.

Ocean: Systems of origin, mystery, untouchable
Mountain: History of ancient geology
Island: No man is one
Forest: Living organism
Desert: Desolate, inhospitable
Space: Energy, expansion
Universe: Unity
Jungle: Diversity
Swamp: Trap

Orange: Birth
Red: Sex
Blue: unison
Green: Fresh
Yellow: Connections
White: half
Black: half
Purple: Nostalgia
Pink: Innocence
Grey: bipartisan

Monkey: Child like
Horse: Freedom
Lion: Protection
Bat: Sense
Sheep: Baa
Tiger: Strategy
Dog: Comradely
Bird: Complex communication
Flower: Changing states

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Human: a curious narcissist
Man: chiefly
Woman: primarily
Vision: consciousness
Sound: that which nurtures consciousness
Touch: as real as subjectivity gets
Taste: hedonism
Scent: making scents of it
Fear: chaos
Pain: the storm before the calm
Love: human-ity
Anger: furtive river
Hate: fire and brimstone
Joy: Aphrodite

Heat: in the name of beauty
Cold: good only within
Water: permeability, clearness, and cohesion by omniscience
Fire: best on an oil slick
Earth: "Hello"
Wind: "Goodbye"
Light: order
Dark: lucidity
Angel: paragon of virtue
Devil: showstopper

Fog: insight
Rain: a god within
Storm: a sign of change
Lightning: thunderous
Sunlight: breath of fire
Cloud: shield
Snow: existentialism
Hail: uncertainty in foresight
Day: the pathway in front
Night: unblinded

Ocean: murk backdropping consciousness
Mountain: peaks and valleys
Island: the ideal mental playground to philosophize
Forest: introspection
Desert: time is not linear
Space: delineated fence
Universe: unfolding meta-consciousness
Jungle: unexplored frontiers of the psyche
Swamp: red herrings

Orange: caution
Red: synaesthesia
Blue: expand
Green: stop and be self-aware
Yellow: too bright
White: yang
Black: yin
Purple: survival
Pink: beguiling passivity
Grey: dichotomies and dualism

Monkey: humbling
Horse: elegance
Lion: familial
Bat: seers of night
Sheep: one sheep, two sheep, three sheep...
Tiger: diamond in the rough
Dog: humility
Bird: higher than mountains
Flower: anthropomorphizing Nature

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I don't know if I'm doing this the way I'm intended to.

Human: Pac-man.
Man: Tripod.
Woman: Pottery.
Vision: Sight.
Sound: Noise.
Touch: Feeling.
Taste: Me gusta.
Scent: Imposition.
Fear: Shrinking.
Pain: Aching.
Love: Floating.
Anger: Heating.
Hate: Poisoning.
Joy: Brightening.

Heat: Fire
Cold: Freeze
Water: Healing
Fire: Passion
Earth: Solid, unmoving, steady, nature.
Wind: Flight
Light: Eyes stinging
Dark: Brain screaming
Angel: Princess
Devil: Monster

Fog: Obstruction
Rain: Rhythm
Storm: Force
Lightning: Light-knife cutting through the sky
Sunlight: Cancer
Cloud: Cotton candy
Snow: Ice cream
Hail: Throwing daggers
Day: Drain
Night: Surge

Ocean: Cradle
Mountain: Hats
Island: Lily pad
Forest: Carpet
Desert: Silk
Space: The top and the container
Universe: Is, existence
Jungle: Wild
Swamp: Murk

Orange: Mud
Red: Passion, blood
Blue: Calm, relaxation
Green: Nature, fish
Yellow: Urine
White: Castles and hooded men
Black: Profundity
Purple: Support
Pink: Expectation
Grey: Neutrality

Monkey: Joker
Horse: Worker
Lion: Majesty
Bat: Screeches
Sheep: Herd
Tiger: Stalking
Dog: Simplicity
Bird: Annoyance
Flower: Vagina

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Human: Intelligence
Man: I really just...feel nothing toward this word.
Woman: Power, culture.
Vision: Creativity. Imagination vs. Reality.
Sound: Dance. Expression.
Touch: That which is sensory. Passion expressed physically, but not necessarily sensually.
Taste: For some reason this has strong sexual connotations to it. I also just had a random thought about how people possibly move their tongue according to how they feel, like a facial expression.
Scent: Relaxation, but a fragile relaxation - one that is easily broken.
Fear: Childhood. Imagination vs. Reality.
Pain: Vulnerability, even in a sexual sense.
Love: Love for oneself.
Anger: Weakness inspired by fear.
Hate: Lack of love.
Joy: That which is momentary or fleeting. Vanity.

Heat: Discomfort.
Cold: Discomfort.
Water: Immersion. Overwhelming feelings. Awe.
Fire: Aggression. Wit.
Earth: Passivity. Quiet strength.
Wind: The untamed. The reality that binds all.
Light: Femininity. Woman.
Dark: To me, the dark represents an idea of solitude. When in the dark one is alone with his or her own thoughts. I think this is what people are truly afraid of.
Angel: Unreal perfection.
Devil: That which is misunderstood.

Fog: Uneasiness.
Rain: Relaxation.
Storm: Shelter. Relaxation.
Lightning: ...Orgasm.
Sunlight: That which is considered normal.
Cloud: Shade. Shadow.
Snow: Politeness. Fragility. Overwhelming kindness.
Hail: Annoyance. Irritation.
Day: Logic.
Night: Emotion.

Ocean: Mystery.
Mountain: Stability.
Island: Escape. Paradise.
Forest: Friendliness.
Desert: Mystery/Magic.
Space: Nothingness, from our point of view (as humans).
Universe: Unity.
Jungle: Cities of nature.
Swamp: Awkward charm.

Orange: A little too happy...
Red: A little too emotional...
Blue: A little too relaxed...
Green: A little too spiritual...
Yellow: Passivity. Open-mindedness.
White: Purity.
Black: Elegance. Blindess. Idealism.
Purple: Childhood.
Pink: Comedy.
Grey: That which is abstract.

Monkey: Performance.
Horse: Femininity.
Lion: Stern, quiet confidence.
Bat: The hermit.
Sheep: Innocence.
Tiger: Experience. Aggression. That which is conspicuous.
Dog: Naivete.
Bird: Vultures: Elegant and quiet, yet powerful and deadly.
Flower: Scent. Constructed nature. Unnatural nature.
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