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Obsession over Details

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I seem to have an obsession with certain details I come across. I'm not always picky about things, but when it comes to certain situations I go to the extreme. One example is my messy room. I tend to over look the mess, but if I really think about it I would like it to be clean (both for me, and for others who see it). I put off cleaning it all of the time though. I'm naturally a procrastinator anyways, but specifically in this case it's also due to the fact that I am a perfectionist. I like to organize all of my stuff and make sure it's all cleaned up to my liking (I do enjoy organizing stuff. It can be a fun activity for me, just so you know). Anything else is a half job and feels almost like a waste of time. The problem is, I tend to spend half the day just focusing on planning that I don't actually do anything or only get part of the job done. I end up getting overwhelmed or get distracted with other stuff and so I put it off. It ends up becoming an 'all or nothing' situation.

Even worse situations include job tasks. For awhile I've been a video editor at home for my dad's small family business. I love working with videos (film making/story telling is a big dream of mine), I could work with videos for a long time - even fine tuning a video to perfection with ease; however, part of my job is to add the information of our customer's product into both my video log and the video itself. Due to the fact that the information needs to match what is on their website, I put extreme importance on making sure my information matches theirs. It started off small, but eventually I would go over board when making sure our information matched theirs.

It's hard to explain, but it got to the point where I would forget even simple knowledge when trying to validate the information I was using (I'm getting better, but this is still the case today). I know the word 'Road' is spelled R-O-A-D, but when making sure that it matches my video log and/or their website, I over think it. My mind thinks "Make sure it's spelled right. Wait go back, what if you looked at it too quickly and missed something. Make sure the 'a' and 'o' aren't switched. Wait, what if the 'a' is actually another 'o' but you just looked at it too quickly to catch it? Don't go too quickly, what if that's really a 'P' but you just passed by it so quickly thinking it was an 'R'?" -- I begin literally studying the letters and/or numbers to make sure they match.

I've gotten a lot better with words (especially if I copy/paste. I try to tell myself "you copy and pasted the word 'road', it should match. It's ok, just move on.", but I still struggle from time to time), but I still struggle a lot with acronyms, random letters and especially numbers. I know I don't need to be nearly this thorough, but I almost can't help it. I feel guilty if I don't, like I'm being lazy, trying to cheat or just do a bad job in general if I don't fulfill the requests of this voice within me. It has frustrated me for a while now, and it's hindered my job performance. Sometimes it gets so bad that I can hardly function in these situations. If I try to move past my urge to be 'perfect', it might go fine for awhile, but eventually I get over taken again.

I'm either to one extreme or the other. I can over look certain details entirely (even if they are important), but then there are other details that I must tend to. This happens in 2 ways for me. If I don't already put importance on the details, a nagging voice within me will help do that (else I will most likely ignore the details), or the second way is that an external source puts importance on the details (if it hits home with me I'll take it to heart, otherwise I might just blow this off as well).

More examples, if you care to

One of my job duties at a baseball stadium involved hand washing dishes (my normal duty was cooking during the baseball games). I was so worried about getting them clean that I would literally put the dish 1 inch from my face and/or feel over the whole dish to find any left over particles that I might have missed. Sometimes I would look so close that my hair touched the dish, and then I would have to wash it again. It's good to check over your work, and I did check some dishes worthy of rewashing, but sometimes I would rewash dishes 4-5 times. My boss appreciated my work, but one time she had to pull me out else I would have been there longer than 12 hours in a day.

I'm a Master Control Operator at a small TV station (I am very happy to have this job by the way), but one of my duties is to check over the playlist to make sure everything matches what information traffic has given us (in other words, make sure that we're airing what we're supposed to). This includes checking the IDs of each event, specifically paid commercials (else our company loses money if we miss/air the wrong the commercial). One such ID is 'C4236'. I typically have to check from 4 PM to 12:30 AM. It started out ok, but it only got worse. I'm a month into this job, but it's beginning to weigh on me. I'll get real anxious (especially since this can be a time sensitive job) and start feeling physically bad due to it.

I could also nitpick this post for grammatical errors and for ways to make it more understandable, but for several different reasons I choose not to (though I have made some changes already, such as the text within these parenthesis). I will usually obsess over the details, else I will mostly if not entirely over look them.

Sorry for the wall of text, but that's the gist of it.

As a side note, could this possibly be associated with one of the cognitive functions? Fi and/or Si in the inferior position? Since I just love to chat about personality stuff and all. Really, I do.

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I have support and emotional support if needed from my friends and family, but any advice of how to get past this struggle would be helpful. To an extent I seek support, such as from someone who has dealt with things similar, but I'm also looking for how they went about fixing it.

I almost posted this in the 'Cognitive Function' thread since I'm curious as to what function this could be associated with. Due to the context of my post however, I felt this sub-forum was more suiting to post this in. I posted this both to discuss cognitive functions, and to get help. I do however have serious issues with this, so please don't take it that I'm just looking to talk about the functions. I would seriously appreciate any help someone has to offer.
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You could be a good computer programmer.

I am too very attentive about details. It is just experience learn balance about work depth and deadlines.

It is possible you need to concentrate better on the task at hand - if you are proofreading do not space about other things. Think about every small step you are doing and forget the successive until the actual is not completed. Use lists diagrams etc.

Think about past successes, do not become pessimistic about your capabilities.
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