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Welcome to this joyous occasion of Happy Friday the 13th, the most festive day of the year -- full of mirrors to break, ladders to walk under, coy black cats tripping up your feet, and lunky guys in hockey masks hiding in the closet. Uhhh.... hopefully your life today has been more fortunate than another iteration of "Final Destination" or "The Purge." Good luck!

Yup, it's that time again. We started changing names about two weeks ago for October, as we've done the last few years, so that people can get into the spooky spirit. This name change counts as a "freebie" and your name will be changed back to your original name on November 1.

To keep track of things, we have a special name change thread just for this event, so if you're interested in "costuming up" your username, post your request here:

Some of you might have noticed that the Complaints forums (Public and Private) have been renamed as the "Feedback" forums -- since the reality is that we use them for more than just complaints.

Everything else about the two subforums remains the same.

* On a related note, we ask that folks who want to unretire use either Private Feedback or the Contact Us page to make the request since it's easier for us to housekeep. Thanks!

There's been an old rule on the books that forbids "farewell" threads. A few times we've been asked why; and while we can offer some reasons why the rule was created, we've decided on a trial basis to create a "Partings" subforum up in the Intro section, for people who are planning to leave for a length of time so other members know that you'll be away and what you'll be up to before you go.

All "farewell" threads must be posted in the "Partings" subforum, no exceptions.

This options should be used primarily by folks who are retiring and/or leaving the forum for an extended length of time. This means please don't make threads if you're just away for a day or weekend or something, it's for "hey, I'm expecting to be gone for weeks/months" or "Hey, I got accepted into the Mars colonization program two years ago and we lift off on Monday, so sayonara," or "I have decided to wander the land like the Kung Fu guy, saving the world one person at a time, and you will only hear of me again in legend or possibly on an Inside Edition newsflash when I side kick my way through a small town. Peace, bro."

I'll just say it to have it said -- if the subforum starts getting used to vent about other users (either people "quitting the forum" in a huff and lashing out at their nemeses, or folks taking potshots at departing members), then we'll have to reinstate the old rule and remove the subforum. But I am expecting this to go smoothly. To help, there will also be a minimum post count to start a thread in this subforum.

The subforum is in under the Intro subforum and can be found here:

* * * * * * * * *

That's all for right now. If you have ideas for what you'd like to see covered in future letters, please PM me. And if you have any idea of cool forum functionality / things that folks might not know about, let me know that as well.

Thanks for reading!

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