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I think I am an INTP and I have the following problems:

1. I have difficulty maintaining cohesive thought processes because I try to process too many thought patterns in a given time and when they reach a certain point where I am hoping to resolve something, that is, clarify the matter under consideration; either:
i.the image(s) of thoughts gets more fuzzy because of the following two factors:

there are too may variables I am trying to process within a given language frame and time interval.
b.the language frame within which I am working is itself very limited or the complex form of those thoughts is such that it cannot be expressed in conventional language.


ii.the images get trapped in self-referential cycles which inhibit any further meaningful cognitive process.

I think most people have corners of insanity and I am very good at exposing them. This has often made me loose friends and has earned me a lot of hostility even from members of my immediate famiily.

3. I have neither the intelligence of a scientist or the wit of a philosopher nor the exactitude of a mathematician or a logician and yet I consider myself a thinker ?

Is this temperament common among INTPs and are the aforementioned problems shared by anyone ?

P.S english is not my first language.

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Regarding #1: Yes, but this only happens to me when I am angry.
i. a.: If I feel that my hands can type fast enough, I create a grid in Excel to attempt to capture the variables before they disappear.
i. b.: If I find that my thoughts/emotions cannot be expressed in conventional language, I use metaphors and analogies.

ii.: I am unsure if you are saying "self-referential cycle" in reference to the image, or in reference to yourself. Can you elaborate?

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1. Focus on one specific thing when you are thinking and try to just stay in line with that. Try to find some sort of medium or experience that keeps you in line with that one specific field. This is really hard and sometimes you might need to get a friend to be that medium for you.

What you explained is also called being "meta". You think about the act of thinking.

You need to learn tact. Know when to point it out and know when to just observe. People don't like to be treated like objective beings, and most people don't like being described in a logical way. They usually see it as cold and heartless.

3. Doubting your intelligence is a clear sign that you are in fact intelligent. Also keep in mind that just because you are thinker doesn't mean you are great in a certain field. You don't have to be into philosophy to sit around and think.

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Sounds INTP to me!

1. I get this too, to some degree. When I'm trying to figure something out, my brain gets flooded with different ideas / view points. You need to realize that it is impossible for you to investigate every one of those thoughts. It can be really hard, at times, but I try to trace a coherent path with my thoughts, rather than jump on every new idea. I like to use "anchors" to control my mind ; when I find myself drifting from thought to thought, I just visualize a forest path, and it reminds me that I need to focus on what's ahead of me, rather than on all the scenery around it, if I want to end up somewhere eventually.

I also find that it is sometimes easier for me to think in a "straight line" when my brain is slowed down with psychoactive substances.

2. Which type(s) of undesirable behavior do you tend to exhibit?

3. INTPs are better suited as theorists. I believe coming up with new ideas (or new twists on existing ones) is our greatest asset. These ideas can be of any field, really. I see myself as a "jack of all trades" ; I am good with most subjects, but am a master of none. I feel there are too many interesting subjects for me to fully involve myself in a select few.

This being said, while reading your post, I got hints that you may lack self-confidence. If I am right, I believe this is what you should work on, first. It's hard to be good at anything when you don't believe in yourself. I don't know if you're interested in watching sports, but I believe it draws the picture well : the team with the most momentum will usually win. It's pretty hard to gain momentum when you don't trust your means.
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