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Anyone out there debate... offline?

Come visit the thread to talk about it here!

Hi guys!

Since this forum is aimed towards the community of Personality Cafe dedicated to debate, I figured this would be an awesome opportunity to begin a discussion on debate, especially off the net and those who are debaters in organizations.

For those wondering, I actually have been part of debate societies (including the Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate), and know that there are several south of the border, like the American Parliamentary Debate Association where hopefully some of our members plan to become members, or even are members!

The aim of this thread is to open discussion into non-online debate, and make sure people are aware that many high schools and universities have programs available to them which they can join!

Roll Call!

Those debaters out there who have a history, toss your names, your bodies (like CUSID or APDA) and maybe even your societies out there for us to hear about! I'd love to hear others who have done British Parliamentary, Canadian Parliamentary or any other style of debate out there to come forth and share their experiences with debate off the net.

I myself have experience with BP and CP, and I've been both judge and debater. Without giving out details, I have broken as a debater and been a Chair at university tournaments previously, up here North of the border in Canada! My background is largely with CUSID, but recently I've been toying with the idea of rejoining a debate society outside of intercollegiate debate.

Why Debate?

Debate is one of the best methods to learn, to improve speaking skills, and to expand your horizons beyond where they are now. It provides you with the skills to understand arguments, find conclusions and judge a debate beyond where many people can, and promotes a place for healthy disagreement and discussion. For those interested in legal fields, political fields or fields with lots of public speaking, it can be good experience and practice. In fact, two of Canada's recent Prime Ministers were from CUSID!

Beyond that, it's fun to watch your victims writhe in terror!

Debate also looks great on resumes, and does a lot for your interpersonal skills. Competing at tournaments is a great experience. For those who have done it at high school levels and are unsure about continuing, debate at the university level is a very different experience, and is much more challenging with greater depth, but something which is definitely worthwhile to take up and something very easy to get swept away with. It promotes a very open environment to all sorts of positions on topics you often will not see, even on forums such as Personality Cafe.

I have competed with and against National Champions, and Worlds Competitors in my time in debating, against experts in international relations, economics, politics and various sciences. Sometimes I have lost, and sometimes I have won, but I have come out of this experience with much more knowledge, with a few ideals shattered and a few strengthened, and would not have given up this experience if I had the chance.

How Can I Join?

Many Universities have a debate society, and most can be found on the university's website or by simply searching google. Some high schools have debate societies as well. Often, all you have to do is show up, and they will get you debating pronto!

Otherwise, debate societies are not as common but they do exist, and I encourage all to support your local debate societies!


1. CUSID - For Canadian University Students, the Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate
2. APDA - For American University Students, the American Parliamentary Debate Association (mostly East?)
3. National Parliamentary Debate Assosiation - for debate in the States
4. World Debate Institute - a site for resources for debating, and the promotion of debate.
5. Debate Central - a debate training site.
6. Global Debate Blog - a blog for news on debate on an international scale.
7. Global Debate Times - a newspaper on ongoing debate
8. American University Debate Society - a debate society for American students
9. NEDA - National Educational Debate Association
10. National Forensic League - High school debate society.
11. World Debate - another world wide debate news site

(literally hundreds more, post if you need resources!)
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