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Oh my god where am I

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Oh hi, this is me introducing myself.

I'd prefer to be called Pererini. I found this sort of accidentally, so I'm still getting used to the place.

I'm from the US, though I would rather not disclose my exact location. I'm 20 year old Atheist and college student. Currently I'm studying history, but I'm hoping to switch universities soon and major in graphic design.

According to the test I had taken on this site, I'm an INTP (Before it was apparently INTJ) and Type 6. I'm relatively unfamiliar with the Enneagram tests, but I suppose the results surprised me.

I also like drawing, painting, learning Japanese (and learning in general), meditating, and exploring the realm of the internet.

I'm terrible with introductions, so feel free to ask me anything. :)
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Welcome! I love history. The government side of it.

Enjoy your stay :tongue:
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