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Okay. I really believe in my Ne, but then I get confused. I'm posting this in the ENFP and ENTP boards as well in case anyone else experienced this confusion (unless I'm not allowed to? I know rules say no spamming, but the intent isn't spamming - it's expediency. I want to continue to be active, but if I'm replying as an ENFP when I'm not... It's like fraud >.<).

ENTP = Ne + Ti + (Fe + Si)
ENFP = Ne + Fi + (Te + Si)
In ENTP vs ENFP, what differentiates the two is the Ti vs Fi and the Fe vs Te.

From my reading: Function [description]

Ti [Notice logical inconsistencies; concise; categorize/dissect ideas]
Fi [accept information depending on truth or relation to personal values/beliefs; can tell what is fake; can comprehend the essence of a person]

Fe [social grace; makes things comfortable for the group; adopts (temporarily or permanently) others' values; shares personal secrets to better get along; knows how to be appropriate]
Te [organize external world into charts/graphs/etc; Compartmentalize (in a different meaning than is conventional - it's more like programming and knowing where the brackets are); understand the logic behind other peoples' organization]

Upon introspection, I might be an ENTP with oddly strong Fi, and less oddly, but still fairly, strong Te.

Fe and Ti come more naturally to me. I don't need to even think about the things listed for Fe. Ti is why I've always loved physics. However, I don't really think about the things in Fi. Honestly, if I think a piece of information does not match my mental framework for a system or reality, I am nearly incapable of remembering it or using it. At least since I was 15 (and very likely earlier as well, I'm just bad at recalling my life in chronological order), I have been able to tell when a person is fake or lying to me, though only when I actually care (other times, I'm so unaware of it people call me gullible). I actually have a habit of, when lied to, staring at the liar until I know they're a little uncomfortable, and then going along with the lie because it's usually not worth making trouble over. I dunno about the "essence of people" thing, though.

Really, it's just Te which seems a little foreign to me. I have to decide to organize the world into charts, it doesn't happen subconsciously, and then all the little exceptions piss me off because I end up with so many subcategories it doesn't seem worth it. I am good at the "compartmentalizing" though. Not so great at the understanding the logical flow of a discourse, but maybe the papers published by Nature and Science aren't the best place to start (papers, not articles).

I would say that Te is fairly conscious in use, and does require some energy to use. Fi isn't really. Ti and Fe are super simple for me though.

And then there's the fact that I felt that, for the most part, I totally belonged on the ENFP thread. Reading the description of the ENFP character and the ENTP characters as wholes, I identify much more with the ENFP.

Edit: Just visited the ENTP forum and cannot believe that I am one. The immense confidence on the "You know you are an ENTP when..." thread is foreign to me, I'm bad at bullshit, and I cannot deal with the moral lashback of pranks. What is going on? Why is my whole so ENFP when my parts are ENTP?

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Well you will identity with both, because you are both, you are all 16 personality types because you have all 8 cognitive functions. The question is are you MORE ENFP or MORE ENTP. Take the test at, Order your Functions from most developed to Least developed or post the graph that you get here and that will give us a better idea of what we are looking at here.
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