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Alright, so I am pretty new here if you can't tell by my stats.

I basically started randomly posting on a few of the threads here last night. I just jumped right into conversations without ever introducing myself (not that it seemed to bug anyone). But after lurking around this place for the past 24 to 48 hours (I have a terrible sense of time, I decided to come to the introduction forum.

I guess I wish to make my presence here a bit more formal.... Erh, I guess.

But, whatever.

I am a female INFJ, somewhat new to typing, and in college studying to be a graphic designer (though that might change soon).

Also, writing is my number one hobby, which means I have a tendency to formally structure my sentences. But since I view internet chatting to be pretty much casual, I don't care if I butcher a sentence or two so don't expect perfection from me. I am also one prone to typos (sometimes I leave out whole words from a sentence).

Oh, yeah. I clearly have a thing for parentheses, but moreover I have a thing for footnotes. I enjoy talking and writing things out. Rambling has always been easier for me than speaking concisely.

Maybe I am not a strict INFJ? But, who is commonly their type to the letter?

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