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So that article Your Mom posted (I hate you now btw lol) made me realize that one of my cousins is most likely ENTP!!!(he's at least Ne dominant or subdominant) and I dislike him with a passion! I thought we were supposed to be compatible to some extent! But he has like absolutely no people skills at 30 something.

But I can see it as clear as day in his behaviors!!!

He opened up a comparatively large barbershop, which he had dreams of turning into a huge franchise, a while back and went CRAZY with it. He would talk about opening a hair salon next to it...before he was even making enough profit to cover the shop and pay his own bills. Then he started trying to make clothing that was related to the shop and he used a spin off of the shops name. (also I will note that the shop had a lot marketing potential. When he thought of the name he thought of everything!!!) He also was trying to move it to a bigger location (AGAIN BEFORE HE WAS MAKING ENOUGH PROFIT TO COVER IT!!!) and he put tons of stuff in it (T.V.'s...speakers...snack machines) and basically built it ass backwards....instead slowly working his way up, he tried to make what he saw his business to be in the future a reality right now.

His shop eventually failed...and obviously it's a lesson that that all of us ENTP's might want to learn from...not to get too far ahead of ourselves....but damn it. I can't believe I never noticed. I was so busy hating him (and avoiding him) that I didn't see it until now.

If there was a God or at least a just one then he would not allow him and I to be the same type...although genetically it more than makes sense. My mother banged my father...her sister banged his cousin. Which makes us related on both sides and makes this all likely. FML!!!

EDIT: I'll also add that since then he's been a D.J., He's gone after a real estate license and now he's trying to become an electrician.
It may be a lack of experience and maturity issue, he hasn't lost enough in his life in order to earn that valuable lesson. Not all ENTPs get together along anyway, a proof that MBTI isn't exactly an absolute indicator. A lot of us are raised from different strata in society so our perspectives only are from that stratum. A rich and snobby ENTP will probably see things a lot different than a poor and humble ENTP. Both are ENTPs but are opposed in terms of social class.
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