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I'm on another INTP forum that was kind of disappointing. I hope this one is more active and less elitist =X

UM...not much to say. i've been interested in Jungian psychology and the MBTI, for awhile, a bit obsessed for the past few months.

I don't do much IRL and am currently a bit of a lon(/s)er but I suppose I'm interesting enough. I love to learn, I love to process information and am more concerned about doing this than being understood by most people.

I'm FRIENDLY, though. Hehe. I have *random* interests and I'm not the most consistent person in the world, intros are really not my thing.
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Hallo~! It's nice to meet you. I'm new too, but I'm all for not-so-much-elitism and stuff. :3
lol yay!

Yea..I guess we are a bit of a *strange* crowd but I was just seeing a lot of people trying to "one up" each other's INTPness, (=x) I guess. It all seemed very clique-ish and I don't mind being strange but I also like folks who are not and I believe in giving everyone a fair chance xD
Yeah, I can totally understand that~ Personality isn't really something to compete about. Everyone is the way that everyone is, and it's all unique and idiosyncratic and wonderful! Hardly stereotypes, or anything like that. :laughing:

(I'm an ENFP, btw, though I'm not sure if that explains anything. X3 It was a long and involved conclusion process where I was a xNFx for... quite some time.)
xD I am about 50% on the E/I scale and around that with my T/F also so we are probably similar xD
Yeah~ I don't talk very much, and I'm a very good listener. And I get so embarrassed when I'm called on in class that my face goes bright red every time. But when I have a presentation or I'm teaching, I have no problem at all. And the biggest thing I could think of is that I do things for the reason of interacting with people.

And then there's functions. I'm very much a dominant Ne, because I'm always bouncing ideas off of people. Whenever I have to write my essays, I need someone to 'talk at' until I find myself saying what it is I was looking for. X3
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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