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Ok, I'm Confused! What Am I?

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I have been to 4 different enneagram sites & have taken each sites' test.

1) 2 or 4 with 4w5
1) 8
(did this site two different times on two different weeks)

2) 2 or 4 no wings
3) 8
4) 4

Should I go with the 4?
Or, should I read more?

With all honesty, I feel the 4 and 8 most strongly. Yet, I feel some of the 2. And, I can't leave out the 4w5!

Is it possible to be all four of them?

I am an INFJ (both Myers-Briggs & David Keirsey). Can this explain the enneagram results? I completely indentify with the INFJ personality & temperament.

Thanks & do have a wonderful evening, well day depending on when or if you read this. :happy:
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Hi Dalien- no, it's not possible to be all of those types. :wink: You say you identify with all of them? There is a giant difference between them. 2 and 4 could be considered look-alike types, and 2 and 8 are connected thru the lines on the enneagram- they each go to the other type at different times. So many who type as a Two also score high on Eight. But not usually the other way around. Here is how Two compares to the Four and Eight. Here is source for all of the Two comparisons: Can’t figure out your personality Type? Part 2- Comparing Twos to other types |

Twos and Fours:

Why they might be confused: Twos and Fours can be confused primarily because they are both Feeling types, and because they both put great emphasis on the ups and downs of their personal relationships. Even with these similarities, however, these two types are seldom mistaken for each other. When they are, it is usually because they are defining the types too narrowly. For instance, some Twos might mistype themselves as Fours if they have been through a depression or have recently been through the end of an important relationship. They may learn that Fours are a depressive type and think that since they have been depressed that they are probably Fours. Twos may also hear that Fours are romantic, and seeing themselves as romantic mistype themselves. Female Fours who have been raised in traditional or strongly religious environments may identify themselves as Twos, but this is a danger for woman of all types.
What is alike: Both Twos and Fours are both attuned to feelings. Both are sensitive, relationship-oriented, helpful to others, and emotionally intense. Both can be considered romantics, and are concerned with their self-image.
What is different: Twos direct their energy outward, towards others. Fours direct their energy inward, towards analyzing their own feelings. Twos tend to move toward others and want to engage them, but Fours tend to withdraw from others, while hoping that others will seek them out. Twos look for people to rescue, Fours look for someone to rescue them. Twos are very aware of others’ feelings, but tend to be unaware of their own motivations and needs. Fours are highly attuned to their own emotional states, but can fail to recognize the impact they can have on others

Twos and Eights
Why they might be confused: It is not difficult to see how Twos and Eights can be confused, although there is a world of difference between them. Some average Twos realize that they are forceful and dominating, two of the significant traits of Eights. A particularly aggressive Two may find himself or herself in a work-related role that requires leadership and discipline. For these and other reasons, it is possible for some Twos to misidentify themselves as Eights. This is especially true for male Twos, who, for cultural reasons, may prefer to emphasize these traits. Twos and Eights are similar in the deep feelings and passion they bring to their relationships, although the expression of their feelings and the effects they have on others are quite different. Of course, as Twos become more overwhelmed by stress, they increasingly resemble Eights since Eight is the Two’s Direction of Stress.
What is alike: Both show active energy, assertiveness, generosity, and protectiveness of others. Both are attracted to power, and can be intrusive toward others. Both types have strong wills and egos and a tendency to dominate others. Twos and Eight both struggle with feelings and fears of rejection, which probably predispose both types to have stormy relationships.
What is different: Eights are openly aggressive, forceful, and are very direct in their communication. When Eights are not happy about something, they have no difficulty letting the other person know that they are angry or disappointed. Twos can also be aggressive and forceful, but it’s done more covertly, under an increasingly thin veneer of love. Twos have great difficulty communicating their anger openly, even though they may be very upset with someone. Thus, they use indirect approaches, trying to hint at it, and if that doesn’t work, to manipulate others into meeting their needs. As they become less healthy, Eights intimidate people openly and when they are frustrated, they push harder to get what they want. When Twos are frustrated, they try to make others feel guilty, especially by dramatizing the suffering they feel.

Ok, also, here's the description of the Four with a Five wing, all though, I tend to think that if you scored high on Two and Eight, it would be unlikely you are a 4w5. Here's why- Scoring high on 2 and 8 means you had high assertiveness scores, and the 4 with a 3 wing would be the more assertive of the Four subtypes. (Hopefully this is all making sense- let me know if it doesn't :happy:) One last thing-all though you can't compare MBTI to Enneagram, it's safe to say that many Fours tend to be INFJs. So that's something to think about.

The Four with a Five-wing:
“The Bohemian”

The traits of Fours and Fives tend to reinforce each other. Both are withdrawn types: Fours withdraw to protect their feelings, Fives to protect their security. This creates a subtype that is more reclusive and less ambitious than the Four with a Three-wing. Fours with a Five-wing will be more observant of the environment, particularly of other people. There is an intellectual depth and intensity that is not found in the other subtype, but also social insecurity. They can be more insightful and original, but also less likely to do consistent concrete work.
When healthy, individuals of this subtype are probably the most profoundly creative of all the types because they combine intuition and insight, emotional sensitivity with intelligence, creating stunningly original results. They are often drawn to the arts and social sciences, with their insights into the human condition can be explored. They care less about what others think of them, and tend to create more for themselves than for an audience.
Average persons of this subtype are given to self-absorption and to philosophical and religious speculation. They tend to be loners, more lacking in social connectedness than the other subtype. They often display brilliant flashes of insight but have trouble sustaining their efforts. They frequently have an otherworldly, ethereal quality about them: they are extremely independent and unconventional to the point of eccentricity. Their creative ideas may also be somewhat unusual, emphasizing the mysterious, and surreal. They are attracted to the exotic and the symbolic and tend to be more unusual and eclectic in their appearance. They care little for communicating with those who cannot understand them. They are interested in expressing their inner vision to those who can appreciate them. Less healthy Fours with a Five-wing can become reclusive, daydreaming through life, but increasingly tormented by self-doubt.
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Rena, I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking. I thank you for your help. I appreciate it! :wink:
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