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first off for any of you grammar freaks don't even start ill let you know right now my grammar sucks ass so don't even go there i also have dyslexia so ya i have issues.

if it were not for this auto correcting thing i would be fucked.

so what do i say i am new to this whole personality thing..... i find it interesting that there is something that might be able to profile me and tell me more about my self and who i am in details i want. i took the test came back as a INTJ and even took the advanced Enneagram personality test and came back as a type 5 or some kind jazz any way. not sure what else to say i could say many things about my self but right now its late and i don't care to speak much more i do however want to be pointed towards more info that can help me to understand this INTJ ect about my self i hope this shit might help me even match up with a mate at some point in the future lol any way i haven't seemed to have much luck in that area any way like i said its late ill be around here and there peace the fuck out people

ps one last thing i dont have any friends in real life so i hope i can relate to people on this forum good night
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