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Hello friend :) first of all, thanks for clicking on this thread!

So, in the tests I've taken I've generally come out INFJ, and I /liked/ the description of them so I decided that was me. However I've spent some time on this forum and I'm starting to think otherwise. There's also the whole mystic element of an INFJ that I don't think I have haha. Could you please help me out?
Here's some info:

I am a 9w1 on the enneagram, so procrastination and conflict-avoidance are big for me. Also, I can generally see a broader perspective of a situation.
My best friend is a enneagram 3, and ENTP on myers briggs.
I'm studying fine arts at uni, next year I'm doing a counseling degree.
I love theology discussions (I'm liberal), but I find it hard to tell people I'm Christian.
I am often the leader, although reluctantly.
When I was 19 I spent 3 months doing volunteer work in an orphanage in Thailand. I worked from 5.30am to 8.30pm, 6 days a week. There was no English, and the thing that got me through was how inspired I was by the other workers.
I love vintage.
I feel lonely a lot of the time, but people wouldn't know.
I'm bad at comforting people, because I'm worried I'll do a bad job and make them feel worse. (yet I want to be an art therapist? go figure)
I'm good at encouraging people though :) because I'm insightful and have a good vocab I really enjoy lifting people up.
Even though they're a long way off, I'm worried about having kids because of how screwed up the world is.
I love people with a good sense of humor :D

I don't want to risk boring you, but if there's anything more you'd like to know please ask :)
Thanks for reading and taking the time to help me out.

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type 9 is pretty common for INFJs and INTPs also, type 3 for ENTPs

There is not much information in what you posted that would help to make a judgement. INTJs emotionally are usually preoccupied with themselves and how they feel on the inside. This is because their feeling is Fi and it is in tertiary position so usually it does not become realized until adult life. INFJ feeling function Fe is auxiliary and so it develops earlier. Fe makes INFJs feel almost as if one with others. INFJs thus emotionally re-align with the group of people that they belong to and may experience a desire to squish independent reassertion of emotion in others. This is where INTJs and INFJs can really conflict.

I would recommend you read more about cognitive functions here: Function Attitude
And determined whether you seem to use Fe or Te the most. Since this is auxiliary function you should have a decent grasp on it.
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