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Okay, so I've been pegged as a 4 w3, a 6 w 7, and a 7 w 6. I want to find out once and for all what my enneatype is. So I am going to list as much information about myself as possible. Please help me to determine my type.....

  • My childhood

When I was a child my parents and grandparents were overly-protective of me. They guarded me from anything painful or unpleasurable. I hate to experience pain in any way, shape, or form and tend to naturally fun away from it. They also were overly cautious of me. It made me somewhat co-dependant as well.

My parents were overly protective of me. They would tell me horrible stories as a child to try to keep me from doing stupid things. In addition, my grandma used to read the newspaper to me as a child and tell me about all of these people that were horribly murdered, tortured, robbed, and beaten to try to educate me on just how dangerous the world is. In my childhood, I viewed the world as an extremely dangerous place and was terrified of just about everything.

As a child I was very hyper and energetic as well. I could never sit still, nor could I ever focus on anything. I rarely ever did good in school and constantly got in trouble. I had a very adventurous spirit about me, and I broke the rules constantly. I was the type of child that if you told them not to do something, that you could bet money that I would do it.

  • Me now

Now I am very similar to how I was as a child, but I'll go more into depth.

Most people would tell you that I am a very entertaining, sensitive, artistic, but yet fearful individual. I am very curious as well.

However fear seems to be a major factor in my life. I am always plagued by fear and self-doubt. I constantly question things; authority, life, information that's been told to me. In addition, I often have a terrible habit of looking at a cup half full instead of half empty. I almost always am prepared for worst case scenarios, am just about scarred shitless of everything. I have been prescribed multiple anti-anxiety meds throughout my life, because I am EXTREMELY neurotic. I try not to give into the fear though, in fact my comments are often rather risky, and I have been known to do crazy shit for what seems like no damn reason just to face the fear.

I should also mention that I plan on doing many things in my life to get over this fear. I want to take yoga classes, get back to exercises, take a boxing class with some of the biggest baddest mother fuckers to learn to be an awesome fighter, take a weapons class to learn to use a firearm if need be. I plan on doing a lot of things.

In addition, I am a very charasmatic individual as well. I am very good with people, very enthusiastic, very animated, and very motivated. I am also quite the sexual person as well and I'm very materialistic and like the concept of money, power, and respect. I can be very hard working as well.

I should also mention that I have known many other enneagram 7 ENFP's in real life. I have not be able to really relate to their adventurous spirit. They are often too wild, and overly optimistic to me. Although, I am somewhat of a hedonist, adventure is fun but not a major factor in life for me.

I think that I'm a 6 w a 7 (phobic and counter-phobic). What about the rest of you all?
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