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Okay so now I'm confused

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When I found out about MBTI, I immediately checked out the details on each type. After crossing out all those that don't seem to fit me, I ended up concluding myself as an INFP. Just to make sure, I took one test and the result was indeed INFP. the next day I told my friend about this and she completely agreed with the fact that I am an INFP because she sees me as a talented writer and I almost never argue with anyone and I always seem to understand why a person is feeling this way or that way. Soon I discovered that I'm a really judgemental person, criticizing others all the time. I considered this quite unacceptable for an INFP and started to doubt myself. What if I made a mistake? What if I didn't know myself very well so I thought I was an INFP?
I took another look at this type which was second to the last type that I crossed out when I initially tried to figure out my type: INTJ. A lot in the INTJ's description matched me, although I wasn't quite sure.
So just a while ago I took another test. This time, another type showed up, and it's actually what you would get if you mixed INFP and INTJ together: INTP. A lot in this type's description also matches me, and now I'm just confused.

I'm a judgmental person who doesn't really care about ignorant people if they refuse to help themselves (but I pray for them not become ignorant and help themselves). I love to write and solve puzzles and riddles though I don't like competing against others 'cause I'm afraid of failure (my ego can't just accept that...I'm awesome! Yes, that's what my pride says all the time). But once someone says something that is strongly against my beliefs and he is just ignoring those facts ​that would make him wrong, I would totally stand up with closed fists and fight you (verbally...just to prove you wrong). I want to become a psychologist because I'm interested in how the human thinks and behaves. If you would ask for advice, I wouldn't tell you what to do, I would just tell you what could possibly happen if you did this or that or what would be the most responsible thing to do, but I would leave the final decision to you. I love spending time alone thinking about existence, hidden meanings, and what you're thinking. I don't care if people see me as unproductive and happy-go-lucky, or if people see me at all, as long as those people who do see me or think about me would not see me as someone who is of average intellect. I don't like boasting and I often tell others that I'm dumb (just to make the not-so-smart people believe and get like "Really?!" once they find out the truth) but now I'm just being completely honest because I'm not sure what my type is. I'm quite religious (although I sin a lot via pride). I don't like showing my affection towards family and friends but I do care. I easily cry not because I'm sad but because pressure simply just makes me cry. It's one of the things I hate about myself 'cause people would misunderstand me as a crybaby. When I tell someone something that goes through my mind and he doesn't understand, I would just say "Okay" and go back to my business. If he asks me to explain it to him further, I would say "Never mind" 'cause it would just be a waste of time. i don't usually get offended by insults and would usually just laugh at them. I don't know if I'm just neurotic or if it's because they don't know anything (that's what my mind says, I'm not saying it's the truth).

My profile says I'm an INFP ('cause when I created my profile I thought i was an INFP) but I'm still not quite sure yet. I've already created a thread in the INFP section and posted in several INFP threads (which would be quite embarrassing if I found out I wasn't an INFP after all). I'm beginning to become settled about the INTJ thing - I am not an INTJ. So now I'm just confused whether I'm an INFP or INTP. What do you think? Please?
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I'm also betting that you're an INFJ.
The ideas of both INTJ and INTP are nearly laughable.
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