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Ok, I know this is a total sign I've become way too obsessed with type this summer (but maybe going back to work next week will get my mind on something else :p ).

I say that because I was recently watching some old episodes of the Nickelodeon show Hey Dude from back when I was a kid, and I couldn't help mind wanted to naturally try to type the characters! But I think once I get this out of my system I'll feel better, even if no one else responds to my silliness.

But here goes:

Mr. Ernst: ENFP. He's talkative, always with his head in the clouds with some new idea, very sensitive, and seems to bounce around between ideas (he might be an ENFJ, though...sometimes he does get hung up on one idea).

Brad: ISTJ (or maybe ESTJ). She's very organized and traditional, but also very blunt. Seems to keep to herself more, so I think she's an I...but it's hard to tell.

Lucy: ISTJ. It's hard to tell because she's in a more mentor/leader role, but she also always goes by the rules, is very straightforward, and keeps to herself.

Ted: ESTP. Reckless, adventurous, outgoing, doesn't think ahead, lives in the moment, full of himself...sounds like an ESTP to me. :)

Melody: ESFP, I think. Very friendly, sensitive and energetic, but also very go with the flow and loose.

Danny: INFJ (or maybe ISFJ). Calm, sensitive, nice, and committed. I say N because he also can be very deep about philosophy and his ancestry, but he might be ISFJ.

Buddy: ISFP. Hard to tell since he's so young, but he's kind of a loner, likes to relax and have fun, and his mind wanders a lot.

I won't do Kyle or Jake since I didn't see any episodes with them in them.

Ok, I feel better now. ;)

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Oh my gosh! I haven't thought about this show in forever. Good memories; thanks for posting this. And just off the top of my head, I agree with you about Ted and Melody. (I had a massive crush on Ted. :blushed:) I can't remember the other cast members well enough to type them.
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