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Back in middle and high school I used to do a lot of poetry. I haven't written much since then, I focus more on prose now. I'm working on writing a book currently. The one piece of prose in this is from a book I was writing with a group of people that ended up falling through. But I still like the piece, even if you won't completely understand what's going on but the emotions are there. Enjoy.

Boardwalk of Life

Perched on the edge
This is the boardwalk of life
Sitting there smoking the cigarette of all your hopes
Watching as the gray smoke floats towards heaven
It dissipates in the already intoxicated air of shame
It's too late now
You've reached the point of no return
The gate is closed
Say goodbye
Your impoverished mind decays
Floating in and out of darkness and light
Listening to the souls of the damned
Striving to stay above the murky water in an endless sea
But you, you teeter on the edge
No pity for those below
Your heart is stone
It stopped beating many years ago
Now you sit upon the dirty planks of wood
Salvation won't find you here
While the sky rains ashes
And the winds sing of solitude
This is eternity


Glass Tears

Glass tears...
Do you hear them?
Dripping to the dusty floor of forgotten memories
A soft harsh sound
Do you hear them?
Swirling down an endless spiral of broken dreams and broken hearts
Shattering as they reach their final destination
Do you hear them?
Like broken shards of a mirror
They catch the fading light of life
Do you see them?
Casting the last prisms of hope
The last sign of truth in the coming darkness
Do you see them?
Reflecting all the promises of the world
The end of any salvation
Do you see them?
Glass tears...
Do you hear them?


Ballet at Dawn

The velvety night is the curtain
Giving way to the horizon that sets the stage
Pink and orange
Red and Blue
These colors provide the scenery
Waking birds supply the music
Melodic and soft in the misty morning
Darting to and fro
They conduct they're one symphony
Clouds roll by like grace accompaniment dancers
And finally, reveal the sun
The star of the performance
Brilliant and gleaming
Till the clock strikes twelve
And the curtain rich in gleaming stars closes until dawn approaches once more


Genuine Blue Sky

I know it's there somewhere
If I look hard enough it will be found
Hidden by the choking gray smog of industry
That's the cause of it's disappearance
Hazy clouds that never rain
I dream about it
It will come again
I long for the day when I can see it
When I can see the genuine blue sky


A Private Moment

"The violin was bathed in an orange glow from the setting sun as its case was opened slowly by Tokala. He ran his hand over the smooth cherry, and before lifting the instrument into position, paused to the read the inscription inlaid into the red velvet of the case. “For my beloved son.” He read quietly to himself, recalling the day his mother had presented him with the instrument. It was something he treasured immediately, and worked hard to become proficient in playing. Unfortunately, it was be the last thing he received from his mother as she met her end a year later. The young fox had decided he would still play on in her memory.
Closing his eyes, he pulled the bow across the strings slowly, filling the room with plaintive notes. His thoughts now strayed to his lover, the image of his death forever burned into his mind. Regret stabbed him painfully and he thought of the things he should have done. Why hadn’t he told him to stay away? Why didn’t he try harder to protect him? If only, if only, if only….they had not met. But no, he was grateful they had crossed paths for without him he would have remained nothing but an icicle of a man. The bit of sunshine his love had shone upon him had saved him from an otherwise empty life.
The piece he played slowed into its melancholy climax and ended on a long note. When it had finished he held his position but opened his eyes. He gazed at the darkening horizon and thought about the one thing he desired now more than he had at any other time in his life. Freedom."

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I have to agree with NephilmAzrael, the poems are very intuitive which of course is not a bad thing. :D Would love to hear some more of your poems and also that book you are writing. Good job! I myself use to write a lot of poems in High School but stopped due to lack of time and creativity. :confused:

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The poetry is lovely and pretty soothing but the lack of punctuation is bothersome. Unless that's the intent!
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