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Yes, that was a Megamind reference and I hope it doesn't fall flat. I'm shan't be ashamed if it does though--that movie is marvelously entertaining.

Anyways, I finally joined this site after a year or so of lurking on it. I thought it was finally time, now that it's SUMMER VACATION. (Sorry to all of you who have to work.) I'm 18 and just graduated high school, thinking about majoring in research-based psychology. Or urban planning. Or saving the world from our destructive human greediness. Or maybe something else. Who knows? There are so many interesting things I'd like to learn. Erm...what else can I say? I love Star Wars a ridiculous amount and I reference it much more than any of my friends would like. So be prepared. According to one website, my username means "spirit" in some Native American tribe and I though that was cool so i picked it, but when I typed it into Google a bunch of baby name websites said it meant Angel and is only used in Native American tribes that don't have the letter "L" as a corrupt English word. Of course, by the time I learned this it was too late. So that was an epic fail on my part. Just goes to show that if a site can't even cite what tribe a name comes from, it's probably not a credible source. Oh well.

Well, I guess that's it! Looking forward to meeting all of you. c:

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