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OMFG Another Dating Thread?

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Well I have been potentially dating for the last 4 months. So far I have queued up a few questions to intimidate the next potential with:

Are you a Christian who believes that depression is a spiritual generational illness which can be cured by prayer?

Are you going to envision me naked on a tarpaulin covered in baby oil before we ever meet?

Do you play the bagpipes?

Did you put yourself as "single" on this site within 3 hours of your wife (of 20 years) coming home and telling you she was sleeping with another man?

Are all your friends female and you are totally "in touch" with your feelings because of this?

Do you think my mind sparkles?

Do you have a daughter with an ampetamine addiction and allow her to borrow your car and give her you credit card with pin?

Are you so deep into BDSM and you are trolling for a submissive to stick brooches into her chest?:shocked:

Are you caring for your grandmother, have depression and foot drop and frozen shoulder and your dog just died?

Will you spend the entire date asking me personal questions about my exes without divulging your own whilst throwing in jibes about your ex (who you are technically still married to, thanks for telling me that chump) and her hairdressing bills and fanciful ideas on looking great (since she is actually an actress).

Were you addicted to heroin for the last 5 out of 6 years?

These examples are by real people.....none of them made up.

Has anyone else got any more questions which may indicate red flags that I can put on my list?
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Are you going to envision me naked on a tarpaulin covered in baby oil before we ever meet?

Well, now I do. Thanks for that. Now I need a cold shower and I'm at work.

Other red flags:

-Are you a diagnosed Asperger patient, or have another form of autism?

-Are you very strictly Catholic to the point of not believing in divorce under any circumstance, not willing to have sex before marriage or do any form of family planning?

-Are you anorectic?

-Do you insist that all penetrative sex is rape?

-Are you keeping two people on the side for casual contacts, with no intention to stop that while being in a relationship?

-Are you addicted to collecting small plastic Disney figurines, and will you judge a person's intelligence pased on their knowledge of Disney characters?

-Are you on mental disability pay?

-Do you insist that any time not spent with you is cheating?

There is more stuff, but that's too nasty to ever repeat. And yeah, this was all from Real Life.

At least you haven't had some guy propose to you over the net after talking for a week. Then having him try to coax you into giving him your house address so he can send you a ring.
A+ for taste, D for execution.
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Are you a pathological liar?
The answer if a person is one: No. The answer if a person is not one: No.

Really useful one, that.
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john7878: and that has worked for me too
To be fair, praying could help one feel better. Still, the whole idea that disease is a punishment... such a negative outlook on life. If I were God, I'd be pretty miffed if one of my peons would blame me like that. There would be faceless homunculi involved... eventually...
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